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Antioxidant Lip Balm Tube



Elegant butters and herb oils with buriti fruit Oil, cocoa & vanilla oils, Natural UV Protection More Details

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A soothing, rich buttery blend is infused with protective antioxidant herbs & Amazon buriti fruit oil giving it a tint of color. Pure cocoa, vanilla & orange oils are added for a delicious finish.

Benefits include:

◊ Soothes & helps repair irritated or chapped lips

◊ Prevents dryness

◊ Provides natural antioxidant UV protection

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


*Beeswax; *Mango seed butter; Olive butter; Herb oil (*Jojoba oil, *Life everlasting, *Green tea, *Gotu kola, *Rosemary, *Calendula, *Lavender, *Milk thistle, *Lemon balm, *Licorice rt, *Rooibos, *Hibiscus, *Rhodiola, *Gingko, *Plantain, *Amla, *Ashwagandha, *Acai, *Goji berry, *Horsetail, *Comfrey lvs, *Comfrey rt, *Rose petal, *Echinacea, *Ginseng, *Lotus, *Boswellia, *Blue violet); *Avocado butter; *Aloe butter; *Buriti oil; *Kokam butter; Vit E tocopherols; *Goji berry oil; *Acai oil; *Urucum oil; *Raspberry oil; *Rosehip ext; *Seabuckthornberry ext; *Cocoa Absolute; *Vanilla Absolute; *Orange oil

*Organic or Wildcrafted

Apply to chapped lips to heal and sooth cracks, and as a daily treatment to prevent cracking and dryness and protect from environmental damage.


by Martha Beatriz Lopez


This lip balm is incredible. It is not super thick and it is not light. But it deeply softens the lips, which I did not expect since it is not a very thick lip balm. I think all the herbs and fruit oils do something deeper than just a superficial softening of the lips. After I took it off, my lips stay really soft for hours, which for me is unheard of since I have extremely dry lips. This smells SO good! Like cocoa, with a bit of citrus. And it does give a bit of a yellowish tint to the lips, which I did not mind.

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Our absolute favorite lip balm ever! This is the one to have on hand everywhere. Perfect for all men, women & kids!