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Antioxidant Sun Butter (SPF 18-25)



Moisturizing butters, antioxidant herb oils, buriti & urucum oils provide natural UV protection with 18% transparent zinc oxide & Phytoplankton extract.

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Natural sunblock protection is provided with 18% transparent zinc oxide with additional UV protection from Phytoplankton extract (photolyase enzyme) and a range of phyto-antioxidants including carotene-rich buriti fruit oil from the Amazon rain forest. The active ingredients are blended into a base of butters and oils that offer additional natural UV protection.

Skin is naturally protected against damage to cellular DNA and cancers. Supports repair of UV damaged DNA and other tissues. Skin is naturally protected from sunburn with an SPF equivalent ranging from 18-25. Skin is moisturized & soothed Results Skin is naturally protected from harmful UV rays without the use of damaging chemicals.

*Shea butter; Micronzized zinc oxide; *Mango butter; *Herb oil (*Grapeseed oil, *Jojoba oil, *Life everlasting, *Green tea, *Gotu kola, *Rosemary, *Calendula, *Lavender, *Milk thistle, *Lemon balm, *Licorice rt, *Rooibos, *Hibiscus, *Rhodiola, *Gingko, *Plantain, *Amla, *Ashwagandha, *Acai, *Goji berry, *Horsetail, *Comfrey lvs, *Comfrey rt, *Rose petal, *Echinacea, *Ginseng, *Lotus, *Boswellia, *Blue violet); *Coconut oil; *Rice bran oil; Olive butter; *Aloe butter; *Beeswax; *Buddleja ext; *Goji berry oil; *Urucum seed oil; *Buriti fruit oil; Phytoplankton ext (photolyase enzymes); Vit E tocopherols; *Seabuckthorn berry oil; *Cocoa absolute

*Organic or Wildcrafted

Apply to exposed skin for sun protection. Reapply after swimming or sweating.


by Maria

SPF cream

i love this together with the Buruti tanning oil and I am all set for a summer out in the sun. No chemicals necessary and the smell is to die for. I literally want to eat this off myself! I highly recommend!!

Review edit: the smell is delicious but it is too heavy to use on the face I use it on my body but find it too expensive for my body so I will not repurchase.

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by Martha Beatriz Lopez


I really love this sun butter:) It has a yellowish/skin tone tint to it which I am thinking is because of all the yummy butters. If you are using it on your face, which I do, use a tiny bit. It does not feel heavy, at least not now in our dry winter & does not clog pores. It is moisturizing without leaving a shiny look on the face. And when you blend it in you can't see any of the yellowish tint. It smells like cocoa and is sort of relaxing! LOVE all the high anti-oxidant herbs & fruit oils in it! Superb! Wish it came in a tube. Highly recommend!

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