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This story begins with a working relationship at the start of the millennium. Its protagonists, Isabel and Begoña, met while working at a prestigious cosmetics firm, the first as a Technical Director and the second as a Director of Training. Their vision for innovation was immediate and together they introduced a whole new dimension to how to treat the skin, which led them to develop many concepts and products of great value.

After years of scientific and professional experience, these two women decided to combine their knowledge to create their own brand. Their experience in skincare combined with their extensive understanding of the market, active ingredients and application methodology, has led them to a natural evolution in the field of skincare.

From this subtle alliance of knowledge and experience AYUNA · Less Is Beauty is born. An evolutionary, scientific-botanical approach to cosmetics that favors simple beauty and WELL·AGING, a concept inspired by "less is more". AYUNA represents the commitment to pure, effective, clean and safe cosmetics.

Begoña Sanjuan is a passionate beauty industry professional and an expert in product development, Spa and Wellness therapies and aesthetic treatments. She has achieved a wide array of accomplishments in the industry from product trendsetting, to trainer of trainers and facialist guru.

Dr. Isabel Ramos, PhD in chemistry, is one of the brightest and most creative professionals in this industry. She is an expert in Green Technology and the development of natural cosmetics. At the core of her being is a deep focus in understanding the science the behind the skin, biochemical and biophysical mechanisms, and the art of product textures.

the concept

Well•Aging Your Skin

Anti-aging implies an intrinsic war against aging. AYUNA • Less Is Beauty dares to disrupt this mindset and replaces it with WELL•AGING, a modern and integrated approach to beauty which embraces a lifestyle that promotes aging gracefully. The result is a visible improvement in skin texture, wrinkles, redness, elasticity & dark spots.

Modern Science – Breakthroughs in Epigenetics and the Brain•Skin Connection have refocused our view of skin aging. Research shows that our thoughts, lifestyle and environment can alter our DNA.

Topical Fasting – The basis for topical fasting is the same as the basis for general fasting - when we eliminate overstimulation, limit the intake and provide a balanced diet, self-repair and self-regeneration mechanisms are immediately activated.

Slow & Intentional – Only a slow and intentional approach to aging gives us the space to connect with beauty in an entirely different and positive way. Beautifulness blossoms as a discipline by adapting the teachings of mindfulness to the realm of beauty.

formulation criteria

Natural & Organic – Ingredients are naturally sourced, and, whenever possible, organic.

Absolutely NO Villain Ingredients – Products are developed free from any and all ingredients of concern.

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced – Employing cultivation methods with minimal water & carbon footprint.

Clean & Green Processes – Pure botanical ingredients that are pesticide- and herbicide-free.

Compliant with All Standards – All ingredients are EcoCert, Natrue, Cosmos and/or ISO Compliant.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan-Friendly – Not tested on animals and free from animal-derived ingredients.

scientific garden

The close relationship between plants and humanity goes beyond being a food source; plant’s therapeutic properties are relevant to the evolution of mankind.

Plants possess a wide-ranging chemical arsenal. And, thanks to today’s advances in biotechnology, science has opened the door to botanical cosmetics, promising excellent potential for the skin due to precise and effective components created by nature itself.

AYUNA’s Scientific Garden stems from Botanical Cell Cultures derived from wild plants that are adapted to the controlled conditions of a laboratory. It is a vertical, sustainable and indoor in vitro culture system, from which a HIGH CELL DENSITY SUSPENSION is obtained that is rich in growth factors, transcription and epigenetic factors and peptides.

From the mastery gained in the domain of VEGETABLE CELL CULTURES, AYUNA · Less Is Beauty is born, formulated with ingredients rich in Phyto-peptides (from Turmeric Root and Centella, known as the longevity plant, favorably help the skin to maintain its regenerative abilities) and Plasmas rich in Botanical Cell Factors (from Green Carrot, Arabian Cotton and Pomegranate, which work in a variety of functions in the skin).

less is beauty

The best beauty routine is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. AYUNA is committed to simplifying beauty – to nourishing the skin with precision by providing only the fundamental and basic ingredients needed to achieve maximum performance.

AYUNA · Less is Beauty reduces skincare to the essential. Through a discrete range of formulas – produced with care, attention and intelligence - AYUNA offers the skin "more" with "less".

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