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At Earth for the Sun, our mission is to promote natural health and sustainability through awareness. By providing organic alternatives at a competitive price, we strive towards influencing customer trends towards health-enhancing purchases. Through creating awareness on natural health and sustainability, we hope to facilitate ethical socio-economic changes.

Nature provides everything our bodies need to heal and thrive. Dissociation from nature is what creates disease. If it is not natural, keep it outside your body. Our cream blends traditional wisdom and modern science by incorporating the richest ingredients of nature and recent scientific advancements. Since your pores literally eat our product, we only use food grade ingredients, making sure that the product is safe for you.

• Golden Principles

• Eco-Conscious Ethics

• Responsible Sustainability

• Beyond Fair Trade Ingredients

• Pure Vegetarian Ingredients

• Good Manufacturing Practices

• No Toxic or Synthetic Chemicals

• No Gluten

• No Animal Testing

• Integrity Glass Packaging

• Education That Inspires

• Raw Products

• Altruism in Action


Our efforts seek to balance resource consumption with the impact of that consumption on the environment, in an economically viable manner and one that improves the quality of life. Achieving this balance means integrating the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economic.

Here is a little bit more about extra steps we're taking to make sure our ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically:

The coconut oil is purchased in bulk from a family business located in a small village in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Their purpose is to provide non GMO, pure organically grown foods at a fair price. They import their products directly from farmers, whom they pay higher wages than market prices. In the case of coconut oil, they contract with a private farm from the Philippines, since all coconuts from that country are organic. The farm only hires locally, contributing to a sustainable social and economic environment. The farm also uses all of the coconut; the residues from pressing the oil are kept to make coconut flower, making the product environmentally sustainable.

The cacao butter is purchased from a company located in Ontario. All their products are of heirloom variety, and either certified organic or wild crafted. They pay farmers 20% over fair-trade wages and only contract with locally owned farms, contributing socially and economically to local organic farming economies across the globe. The cacao butter is farmed in Ecuador, which produces the highest quality and most nutrient dense raw heirloom cacao butter available. It is nourished by mineral-rich soil, the freshest spring water and grown in healthy remote environments that have never known the existence of chemicals or genetically modified organisms.

The zeolites are purchased from an environmentally and socially sustainable supplier. They are mined naturally in Idaho, USA. There are no special refining processes other than grinding it into a fine powder. This means that no chemicals are used and no waste is produced.

The jars are made of glass so individuals can re-use them to store other skin care products in their bathrooms, for example coconut oil.


All our ingredients are food-grade organic and fair-trade.

Zeolite electromagnetically capture and eliminate toxins from the body and skin using their negative ionic charges. Toxins detrimental to health have a positive ionic charge. When exposed to the negative ionic charge of zeolites, positively charged toxins bind to the zeolites and are eliminated through natural body functions. When you detoxify your body, you allow your immune system and metabolism to thrive!

• Attracts and removes from skin and body: pollutants, heavy metals, carcinogens, toxins, chemicals and free-radicals

• Promotes optimal health functions by eliminating stressors at a cellular level

• Strengthens immune and metabolic functions by detoxifying the body, focusing on the liver

• Protects skin against solar radiation Detoxification of skin results in reduction of ache, also aiding in recovery from other skin dysfunctions

Coconut Oil has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used as protection from the sun for thousands of years. Over 10,000 scientific studies have proven coconut oil to have a variety of other nutritional and medicinal uses.

• Keeps the skin soft through deep nourishment and moisturizing agents

• Enriches the skin with essential vitamins and minerals, necessary for healthy skin growth

• Prevents premature aging and reduce wrinkling of the skin

• Protects against damaging solar radiation

• Supports immune system and metabolic functions Improves absorption of other nutrients

• Help prevent and reverse many dysfunctions related to internal organs

• Reduces the risk of cancers and other degenerative diseases

Cacao butter Cacao Butter has been used for thousands of years as a supreme beautifier. It is the ultimate moisturizer; it deeply penetrates skin with its many beneficial nutritional qualities. Cacao butter gracefully bestows your skin with all that it needs to glow gloriously and supplement itself for strength. Rich in fatty acids, which keep skin smooth and moisturized High source of antioxidants, higher than blueberries and many other Superfoods. Antioxidants are the mainagents against free radicals – the main causes of skin aging, tissue damage and skin diseases.

• Reduces stretch marks and facilitates scar healing process

• Promotes natural skin growth and repair functions

• Tightens skin pores, protecting against solar radiation from damaging lower dermis layers

• Contains large amounts of polyphenol (CMP), which eases rashes and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells and tumours

• Rich in bioavailable minerals (Ca, K, Mg, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, etc.)

Negative Ions unlock the full potential of water as the main medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. Negative Ions assist in the assimilation of the healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in coconut oil and cacao butter, as well as the elimination of toxins through zeolites. Scientific evidence proves that Negative Ions:

• Are the principal agents determining the overall health of every cell in the human body. Aging is evidence of the damage to millions of the body’s cells through oxidation, which is due to the lack of hydrogen ions.

• Provide antioxidants a hundreds of times more potent than the next two in line; green tea extract and grape seed extract.

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