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At From Molly With Love, we are changing the relationship women have with themselves. We do this by resisting the Beauty Industrial Complex, creating high-performing skincare products with 100% all-natural ingredients, and reframing how we think about self-care.

These three affirmations drive the boat around here:

I deserve to feel beautiful 24/7/365.

I want to care for my skin; I only get one shot at life in this body.

There’s no shame in my beauty game.

I deserve to feel beautiful 24/7/365

This company began as a way to care for me after battling addiction and mental illness. I started adopting little rituals to heal myself – meditating in the morning, taking the time to savor my nightly skincare ritual, indulging in long and steamy showers, etc.

When I priced and branded our products, I wanted them to be made with high-quality ingredients and look beautiful – but not be so expensive that they’re inaccessible. The word “everyday luxury” came to mind over and over again.

Everyday luxury is what makes life a little more unique. It’s the candle you light at your desk at work. It’s a soak in the bathtub after a long day. It’s buying flowers for yourself just because you want to. It’s sleeping in a half hour on Saturday mornings.

Even the smallest self-care practices can make a big difference in women’s lives. And in a way, a commitment to self-care is subversive. Self-care is a radically feminist act.

I want to care for my skin; I only get one shot at life in this body.

Chances are, you’re a pretty well-informed shopper. According to the FDA, half of all Americans read food ingredient labels ‘always’ or ‘some of the time.’ More and more people are concerned about what they put IN their bodies. But how much attention are you paying to what you put ON your body?

60 percent of what you put ON your skin gets directly absorbed in your bloodstream. If you don’t believe that, try cutting a clove of garlic in half and rubbing it on the bottom of your foot. Within minutes, you’ll be able to taste garlic in your mouth. Seriously. Try it.

That’s why it’s so important to read and understand the ingredient labels on your skincare and personal care products.

We are poisoning ourselves every time we use skincare products loaded with SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Aluminum, Petroleum, and mystery fragrances. We deserve better.

There is no shame in my beauty game.

Repeat after me: There is NO SHAME in my beauty game.

What does that even mean? Women – and those who identify as women – are tired. Bone tired. We give and give and give until we break. We are so often expected to perform a character in this world. We’re told to smile, look pretty, be cheerful, do more, be more, take care of everyone else but ourselves.

In 2017, we’re still very often expected to bear the brunt of the housework, but now we get to “Lean In” while we’re at it.

We’re expected to be beautiful. But not *too* beautiful. Thin but not *too* thin. And forever 25 years old. Self-hatred is a multi-billion dollar industry. And it’s exhausting. Repeat after me: There is NO SHAME in my beauty game.

By choosing everyday luxury, by choosing all-natural ingredients, by making time for our self-care, by putting ourselves FIRST, we are resisting the patriarchy and the beauty industrial complex.


Mothers everywhere are made to feel guilty when they take a weekend away from their babies to de-stress. At family gatherings all across America, it’s often the women who cook the meal AND clean up afterward, while the men sit in reclining chairs, drink beer, and watch football. Working women often feel guilty for not spending time with their kids or doing enough around the house.

Even if you and your family are “enlightened,” pay attention to the subtle signs all around you that indicate that, as a woman, you’re supposed to care for everyone else before you care for yourself. But I believe you need to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.


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