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Kari Gran Philosophy

At Kari Gran we believe that beauty is not measured by an age, a dollar sign or a stereotype and that women do not need to be fixed, plumped, erased or changed. There is no such thing as anti-aging skin care products, and the quest to turn back the clock is an expensive and exhausting one. We believe that beauty is achieved by how you live your life, and the choices you make and that beauty comes from being kind to yourself and to your skin. It is this philosophy that inspired the Kari Gran Brand: an all-natural, eco-luxe skin care ritual providing a simple, elegant, clean solution that works flawlessly for any age and skin type.

No False Promises

At Kari Gran we don’t make promises we cannot keep. We do not suggest that you can or should try to miraculously transform yourself. We do believe, however, that your skin will instantly feel better, more supple, softer, and fresher after using our product. At Kari Gran we want to teach people to develop healthy routines and encourage a mindful, natural, safe approach to beauty. Please give our skin care products a try for 30 days as the skin renews itself on a 28 day cycle, sloughing off dead skin cells and replacing with new.

Ingredients Matter

At Kari Gran we believe that ingredients matter. All of our hand-poured products are made using only the finest natural, organic, wildharvested and non-GMO ingredients and are free of parabens and toxins, (parabens and toxins in skin care have been linked to serious diseases, and are known to mess with the body and act as hormone disruptors). Kari Gran products are both good for the body and the endocrine system. Each bottle is marked with a handwritten expiration date to guarantee freshness. An oil-based system made of all-natural plant and essential oils, The Kari Gran line works to gently and safely nourish the skin. The products contain absolutely no water, ensuring you get only ingredients that matter.

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11 Item(s)