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Phos Wellness believes that a healthy cell equals healthy skin. longer. the use of plant extracts and essential oils has increased within arising new skin care lines. Phos believes that all skin care lines that use essential oils are not created equal. Phos will only utilize closely guarded and historically tried and true recipes. Our recipes also contain deep roots gained from native and aboriginal tribal use from around the world, adapting their plant recipes to modern Phos Wellness creations.

Can we fix and reprogram damaged cells?

Our CELLS and DNA are what makes us who we are physically. an error in our DNA makes an error possibly visible to us either as dis-ease or/and viable aging. Age is simply a cell that is gradually damaged from years of use, replicating itself at a lesser-perfect rate, add to that free-radical damage equals wrinkles, damaged skin, slacking skin, premature and

Phos Wellness is skin care re-thought.

Their creations for face, eye and oral care composed of 100% whole bio-rich natural, and organic hydrophobic steam distilled plant extracts of

- plants

- flowers

- fruits

- herbs

- buds

- seeds

- barks

- roots

- nut extractives

Phos is proud to offer one of the first echelon natural and organic skin and oral care lines.

NOTE FROM PW: We do not use aqua/water in our face elixirs, thus creating a more concentrated elixir. light, fresh and simple to use. The Phos Difference? We use a higher concentration of all plant extracts than nearly every other natural organic lines, delivering you a much more concentrated product with far greater therapeutic benefits when compared to what seems to be a similar product! You skin will see the difference and so will you!

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