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Taos Aer

We believe in living boldly.

That means bringing a confident, fearless approach to everything we do. For personal care, we wanted products that pushed the standards of what you deserve. Products that honor your body with integrity, reliable performance and clean formulations so you can get out and live life to your fullest potential.

This is Taos AER.

OUR BIRTHPLACE: taos Nestled in northern New Mexico

between rugged mountains, alpine forests and sage-swathed mesas lies Taos, a land of ancient culture, creative energy and raw, natural beauty. Here, living boldly takes the form of visionary artists, extreme sports enthusiasts and sustainability innovators — all of whom are shaped by an intimate relationship with their surroundings. Taos is the inspiration for our brand and ethos with its wild spirit, rolling landscape and health-conscious lifestyle.

OUR CLEAN COMMITMENTS We have a bold promise: we will always put you + the earth first. Safety + sustainability are at the heart of our values.

Our product difference:

- 100% naturally-derived ingredients sourced from plants, minerals and high-quality essential oils

- Formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones or known toxic ingredients

- Cruelty-free and never tested on animals

- 100% curbside-recyclable packaging

Make Taos AER part of your daily habitude.

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