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Sacred frankincense and myrrh meld with alkaline sodium bicarbonate to sweeten and support your oral ecology by neutralizing acidic saliva and banishing bad breath bacteria. They combine with the truth-telling essences of gentle, sweet thyme, zippy peppermint, and plaque-preventing tea tree for a shiny, white smile.

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Living Libations Frankincense Fresh Toothpaste is a brilliantly alkalinizing paste for smooth, shiny teeth and the freshest breath. Apply a small pearl size to a dry toothbrush and brush. Pearly, clean teeth, fresh-all-day breath, and sweet saliva await you.

Sacred frankincense and myrrh meld with alkaline sodium bicarbonate to sweeten and support your oral ecology by neutralizing acidic saliva and banishing bad breath bacteria. They combine with the truth-telling essences of gentle, sweet thyme, zippy peppermint, and plaque-preventing tea tree for a shiny, white smile.

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Cocos nucifera (Virgin Coconut), Sodium Bicarbonate, Saponified Olea europaea (Olive) Oil, Boswellia carterii (Frankincense), Commiphora myrrha (Myrrh), Mentha peperita (Peppermint), Thymus vulgaris linalool (Sweet Thyme), Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree), and MSM.

Virgin Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Oil - This diverse lip is a caring carrier oil and botanicalbiotic coconspirator that balances oral ecology. This optimal oil soothes the oral tissue and gently removes bacteria that cause bad breath.

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) - Teeth thrive when they are bathed in a sea of sweet saliva, and baking soda buffers and neutralizes food acids. In addition to being an effective cleaning polish, baking soda is gentle. It has significantly lower abrasiveness than the cleaning agents of chalk and silica that are used in commercial toothpastes, and the baking soda's natural alkalinity neutralizes bacterial acidity.

Saponified Olive Oil (Olea europaea) - IOur organic saponified olive oil captures all of the nourishing, moisturizing properties of olive oil while enhancing the oil's ability to help remove plaque from the teeth. Saponification is a chemical reaction that occurs when the oil is treated with a highly alkaline solution.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) Essential Oil - A liquid pearl of holy anointing oil from the tree of life, our Frankincense comes from Somaliland where they grow the highest quality of gum trees. This precious essence has been used to support clean teeth and fresh breath for thousands of years in Middle Eastern areas. It is common for Arabian people to chew the resin in their mouths. They know of its ability to eliminate bad breath causing bacteria and assist with removing plaque.

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) Essential Oil -Myrrh is one of the oldest botanicals in the world. It has been mentioned in Egyptian texts including the Ebers Papyrus, which documents over eight hundred formulas. The Egyptians used large amounts of myrrh in rituals, remedies, cosmetics, and embalming. Myrrh's oral history includes it being used as a soothing, calming essence for the mouth.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita)Essential Oil -Peppermint's cool breezy taste gives you long-lasting fresh breath. Our peppermint is a genuine distillation of the fresh leaves and comes from a fourth generation family of distillers in France. The peppermint in commercial toothpaste is artificial menthol and only offers flavor. Real peppermint is a potent and pleasant friend for oral care. It also inhibits the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Tea Tree (Malaleuca alternifolia)Essential Oil -Traditional tea tree is an herbaceous Herculean do-all. It is naturally packed with magnificent mouth attendants. Potent plant compounds of cineole and propanol work to refresh the mouth, prevent tartar build-up, and banish the bacteria that cause bad breath. Steam distilled in Australia, Tea Tree oil evokes a super-clean, piney-clean aroma.

Sweet Thyme (Thymus officinalis linalool)Essential Oil -This is a rare variety of the thyme species. It is a gentle toner that balances oral secretions. Thyme Linalool is also a potent botanicalbiotic that banishes bad breath bacteria.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) -MSM is a biologically-active organic compound that is a source of sulfur. This naturally occurring sulfur is found in nature and all living organisms. It is a critical nutrient for the human body.

Use as you would toothpaste. Apply a small pearl to a dry toothbrush and brush. Combine with Happy Gum Drops, Yogi Tooth Serum or Mint + Myrrh Serum for a boost. Follow the 8 Steps to Successful Oral Care.


by Ivana

Simply amazing!

Amazing product! It feels as if I just left the dentist after a perfect dental cleaning.

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Whiter Fresh fruity uplifting and so clean! I love the way my teeth look and feel after polishing with this beautiful paste. My teeth are whiter for sure.

Divine! I just started using your Frankincense toothpaste and it is divine! I'm pretty sure it's starting to reduce some of my tooth sensitivity.

The best natural toothpaste I've ever used. The Frankincense Fresh Truth Toothpaste is the best natural toothpaste I've ever used. It does take a little getting used to because it's not like regular toothpaste. You use a small amount on a dry tooth brush, and even though it doesn't foam up -it cleans your teeth and mouth thoroughly and freshens your breath. Nothing I have used compares to it (and I've tried a lot of natural toothpastes, and none of them clean my teeth or mouth properly like this one does). From The Clear Skin Essentials Blog

The bomb! My toothpaste is completely amazing I love it so much! That frankincense tooth truth paste is the bomb!!

Refreshing I love the frankincense toothpaste and the happy gum drops. Both feel so refreshing and I love feeling like I am cleaning my teeth and enhancing my wellbeing at the same time as with all of your products.

Naturally clean I love the Frankincense fresh toothpaste. I feel like my teeth are being cleaned naturally.

Sparkly teeth forever "Divineness poured a bottle Unpleasant breath feels a throttle. The oils in Frankincence Fresh conspire An Alchemy in the mouth they desire. That lovely breath there is lo and behold A sparkly teeth *** forever I hold"

Fresh and clean My favorite product is the frankincense fresh truth toothpaste! I have tried many different toothpastes and that one is my absolute favorite!! Makes my mouth feel so fresh and clean.

Has helped tremendously with my oral care. I love the Frankincense toothpaste as it is has helped tremendously with my oral care.

I love Living Libations I love living libations. My favorite is the frankincense toothpaste. If you have not tried these products you are missing out for sure.

Fan for life! I am a new Living Libations customer and love this toothpaste! I've noticed how clean my teeth feel after using it. My 10 year old daughter is now using it and her teeth are whiter than ever! I love the idea of using natural ingredients. This leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean, naturally!

Works like a charm! I've tried many types of 'natural' toothpaste, but this is quickly becoming my favorite! The taste is unusual, but leaves my mouth feeling fresh. A little bit goes a long way and it is gentle on teeth and mouth. I'm just beginning to explore the *** benefits of essential oils and like the combination used in this product. Try it, I think you'll like it!

Clean & fresh "Don't let the small package/amount disappoint you...a little bit of this stuff goes a long way and your mouth and teeth really do feel clean and fresh. This is one of the best things that we've done for our teeth and mouths! Frankincense is really effective in balancing your mouth. The natural ingredients that are in this product are much more potent than all the unnecessary chemicals and sweeteners that are in the more mainstream toothpastes."

Fantastic Fantastic. Truly natural and gentle. I've also noticed some whitening and my teeth feel almost silky smooth after brushing. This is definitely a unique product. The small size of the jar was surprising...but after a few uses I realized a small drop is all you need.

So so impressed! I am SO SO impressed! Despite brushing my teeth and using my hydro floss the results were not great. I read the reviews and decided to try. Yo my joy I could see a huge improvement after the first day; by day 2 a dramatic shift. I had my daughter try it.*** She had some discoloration on 4 teeth and 2 days later the appearance of the stains had drastically diminished***. An added bonus is your teeth feel amazingly smooth as if you have had your teeth cleaned. The taste takes a bit to get used to as we are trained to think of minty fresh! If I miss the flavor of mint I also brush later with my usual mint toothpaste but far prefer the results I'm seeing and feeling with this amazing product!

Deeply Grateful I am deeply grateful for and appreciate my experience with the products I have purchased from you thus far. Everything is delicious - and my teeth for sure have never been happier. Having been in the dental field for many years some years back, I admit to extreme pickiness and snob-ishness around toothpastes, etc. Yours make my mouth very happy.

WORTH the price in GOLD I started using Living Libations oral care products last year. Within 2 weeks my dentist saw a huge improvement***. I love the Frankincense Toothpaste along with one drop of Neem Enamelizer, a Happy Gums drop and now also one drop of the Mint & Myrrh Serum. One Drop of the serum along the floss is the bomb as well!. All organic non GMO oils. WORTH the price in gold!

FEELS LIKE A SPA IN MY MOUTH! I'm seriously giddy to discover this toothpaste by Living Libations... I'm a daily coffee drinker and can already tell a difference in my teeth after only 3 uses! This is seriously the best. So earthy and feels like a spa in my mouth. Organic & Magical!

How I Start My Day """Awesomely pure and invigorating toothpaste. A lot of mainstream toothpaste is full of nasty stuff. Sugar, even. It's shocking. I got hooked on Living Libations' Frankincense Toothpaste and I think it's miraculously cleansing, nourishing stuff. It's an acquired taste, and it's not cheap, but neither is dental work."""

I Love it!! If you do not like Frankincense , go your way . This oil is dominant in this toothpaste. I love it! This toothpaste leaves a very clean mouth feel without the feeling of " stripping " of conventional toothpastes . In addition, it has a whitening power and I saw the difference after only a few brushings . This is my third pot , the pot is small, but I use it in alternation with another toothpaste.

great results with oral care Since I stopped using regular toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, my teeth and mouth improved very quickly. *** My teeth look and feel healthy. I love it!

Great but not my favorite taste. I bought this along with the gum drops. I can tell a real difference in the state of my teeth & mouth, but I'm not going to lie, this isn't my favorite taste/flavor. I gave myself a few weeks to get used to it. Everyone's taste buds are different. I just ordered the Neem toothpaste in hopes that tastes better to me. The toothpaste itself is wonderful and I've noticed a real personal improvement.

So gentle and fresh! "My favourite part of this totally natural toothpaste is the baking soda, and the seamless way it foams up in mouth. The texture is great, soooo gentle. Feels like a dream in the mouth to brush. Very fresh, clean. Living Libations makes alternatives to conventional products FUN and better than ever! Thank you!!!"

Much Improvement! My dentist was impressed with the state of my teeth this past visit! My next cleaning is in 6mo instead of 4mo. Yeah! Thank You!

My favourite toothpaste :-D "There's no doubt about it - this is my favourite toothpaste ever. Such a smooth and pleasant feeling to use it. Lovely feel of having been thoroughly cleansed AND refreshed in my mouth. I might be having a bit of an addiction with the taste and smell. It is SO good. It is more sweet, fresh/wood'ish and aromatic than the clay and neem products. I feel all happy at night, when I go out to brush my teeth - I'm like: 'Yaaay - I'm using the frankincense paste!' So easy to use and will last a very long time. The last bottle I bought lasted for 8 months - so you really get value for your money."

Great substitute for boring baking soda I'm so glad that Nadine made this product. I am a fan of her whole tooth cleaning and oral care protocol. This product is a great substitute for boring baking soda. It is a pleasant soft flavor and the pump is very handy. I will buy this again.

Spectacular! This toothpaste is spectacular! my mouth feels so clean, the missing link in my routine. the container is perfect for it, so tidy. even with the weather so hot it plopped a perfect pearl onto my brush, the texture is the right amount of 'grit' without feeling abrasive and rinses clean. love it.

I need to rave about the frankincense toothpaste Over the years I have made numerous efforts to wean myself off the drugstore nasties when it comes to toothpaste. Despite enjoying so many of your product as an addition to my mouth care and trying all sorts of natural products, yet I kept going back to sensodine and co. because of my troublesome teeth. I was never comfortable using those kind of products in my mouth and so close to my brain! This paste is amazing. I have been using it for over a month with no issue, which has never happened before without special toothpaste and my teeth are really white and happy. I feel so much better using a product like this and it has even been a support to clarify my skin now that I am not brushing toxins into my mouth daily. Thank you!

Smitten I am totally smitten with the new Frankincense toothpaste, among other things. Thanks for all that you do in the world!

My Dentist is Impressed with the Results My dentist is impressed with the results I am achieving using this product along with my better overall oral hygiene regimen.