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Ruby Juice Lover Lips



A balm for cheeks and lips alike, Ruby Juice bursts with fresh-picked botanicals, nourishing essential oils, medicinal roots and beneficial berries. Our special tint is made with essential oils of rose, geranium, and seabuckthorn.

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Juicify your ruby-red pout with nonstop nourishment from the inside-out. Our Ruby Juice Lover Lips kiss lips and cherub cheeks with the rosy hue of ruby morning dew. A subtle lip stain that doubles as a cheek tint, just a hint of Ruby Juice will blush your face with the grace of natural glow. Fresh roots, juicy berries, organic essential oils, and beautiful beeswax nourish with the caressing kiss of Mother Nature.

Living Libations Ruby Juice Lover Lips is a sun-kissed, fresh-squeezed lip tint born upon the summer breeze. A balm for cheeks and lips alike, Ruby Juice bursts with fresh-picked botanicals, nourishing essential oils, medicinal roots and beneficial berries.

How could we begin to harness the glow that only Mother Nature can naturally bestow? By traipsing upon the forest floor, collecting plants and roots and flowers galore!

In order to craft the perfect lip stain, we began with distillations of fresh, fragrant roses over geraniums. What better to follow than holy jojoba, nourishing neroli, super-emollient seabuckthorn berries, replenishing rose, moisturizing immortelle, gracious grapefruit, clarifying carrot seed, and soothing schizandra berries to pack an antioxidant punch. Next, we added juicy stone root to ease inflammation and clarify the skin. To this delicate blend we added Happy Beeswax to protect and shield lips and cheeks and to create the most perfectly textured balm.

This juicy bouquet anoints lips and cheeks with the slightest stain of ruby dew, kissed upon the lips in pitch perfect hue. Face your lover with the most kissable, unmissable lips ever!

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Jojoba -Holy jojoba drenches lips and cheeks with all soluble forms of Vitamin E. this naturally-occurring moisturizer sings with your skin because it's nature's closest offering to human sebum.

Seabuckthorn -Seabuckthorn berry oil is rejuvenating, exfoliating, hydrating, and replenishing. Seabuckthorn is one of the most sought-after ingredients in natural skincare because of its unparalleled ability to boost elasticity and replenish dead skin cells.

Happy Beeswax -C'mon, get happy! Our bees our buzzing with a protective, porous wax that locks moisture in and keeps toxins out. Happy Beeswax forms a smooth, invisible coating on your lips, providing a barrier of nourishment against harsh environmental elements.

Rose Otto -Our ravishing rose otto oil has been distilled over geraniums to unleash its full nourishment potential, and to unlock its delicate fragrance. The vulnerary botanical is also replenishing and moisturizing.

Roses Over Geranium -This co-distilled essence of roses over geranium is superb for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and tightening skin that has become loose or saggy. It stimulates circulation, drives intense moisture into thirsty skin, and brings balance to acne-prone skin.

Neroli -Neroli is a divine oil distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Neroli is balancing and may help to regulate sebum production throughout the skin and around delicate lip tissue. Neroli is also antiviral, which may help to prevent viruses and infections from taking hold in and around the mouth and lips.

Schizandra -Our Schizandra berry is a potent supercritical extract and is an ancient Chinese skin remedy said to speed up the healing of damaged skin tissues, soften and smooth the skin, protect the skin from sun damage and aging, and clear psoriasis and acne.

Immortelle -Immortelle oil nourishes dry, cracked lips with intense amounts of deep, lasting moisture. This oil is anti-infectious and is beneficial for lips that tend to flake.

Grapefruit -Pucker up for an energizing citrus kiss that will leave your lips anointed in bliss! Grateful grapefruit is energizing and stimulating for lips and cheeks, igniting your pout with that perfect kiss without a doubt. Grapefruit oil is enjoyed to lifts the spirits and open the heart to the highest vibrations of love.

Carrot -Carrot seed oil is one of the most intensely moisturizing oils in our collection. Organic Queen Anne's Lace kisses the lips and face with delectable dewiness, awesome antioxidants, and amazing anti-aging action.

Stone Root -This medicinal herb harnesses the anti-inflammatory powers of juicy roots grown beneath the earth's flowers. Stone root relieves lips and cheeks of painful inflammation and swelling, while soothing, calming, and clarifying the skin with its potent astringent action.

Dab our Ruby Juice onto cheek bones and lips for a dewy rosy glow.


by Js

Hopefully the color will be more reddish instead of pink

Love this product, so thin and natural, but what I don't like about it is that the color is more pinkish instead of red. Also it's really expensive for a small jar, and it has a weird smell akin to spice used in Thai food. But by far this is the best I've found, maybe will try the maiden fern blush after using this one.

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Lips love it. a fantastically silky slip of natural colour for lips and cheeks. just the right shade! i've tried to make a product like this, but it has never turned out with the perfect sleek gloss of 'ruby juice'. thanks! -Priya