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Home Oral Care – Toothpaste & Oral Wash (100ml)

Oral Care – Toothpaste & Oral Wash (100ml)



Contains over 78 natural minerals and elements, along with natural steam distilled plant extracts historically known for oral hygiene and care. Biochemic tissue / cell salts assist remineralization and gum-tissue repair.

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All natural mouth care system utilizing the power of geotic minerals + plant extracts for superior oral wellbeing. Phos Oral care is unlike any other teeth and mouth care.


Our ten year; tried and true formula contains over 78 natural minerals and elements, along with natural steam distilled plant extracts historically known for oral hygiene and care. + biochemic tissue / cell salts assist remineralization and gum-tissue repair. Tissue Salts or Cell Salts are the basic building blocks found in the body.


brighter. stronger. whiter. mineral dense.


• mouth feels cleaner and more refreshed.

• biochemic tissue / cell salts may assist mineral content and tissue repair.

• tissue Salts or Cell Salts are the basic chemical building blocks found in the body

• plant extractive known to remove stains for brighter and whiter teeth***

• antibacterial and antiviral environment to help prevent decay

Key Ingredients

• 83 trace minerals

• Silica; essential in collagen formation and connective tissue strength.

• Silica deficiency has been shown to contribute to deterioration of tooth and gum loss

• clove bud is a natural analgaesic and antiseptic used primarily in dentistry

• fulvic, nutritionally dense

• ionic minerals

• may help in re-building and the re-mineralization of teeth

• zeolite

* monatomic gold

• monatomic silver

• monatomic indium

• monatomic iridium

• monatomic platinum

• monatomic palladium

• all plant hydrophobic extracts known for teeth and whole mouth care including; extracts known for;

• anti-bacterial

• antiviral

• anti-gingivitis

• hundreds more effective actions from hydrocarbon steam distilled extracts.

• earth minerals - helps to mineralization of teeth

• those who use test batches of Phos Oral Care for many years have stated;

• people using Phos Oral Care state receiving continued complements on the brightness and color of their teeth.

• while reporting the feeling of: long lasting fresh breath, long lasting professional clean feeling, teeth never feeling better, and no teeth sensitivity.


Phos Oral Care 83; key ingredients are therapeutic grade, steam distilled extracts, including hydrophobic:


-utilized by ancient and current eastern civilizations for strong bright & healthy teeth.

-frankincense is known for its antimicrobial properties

-has been used to assist with infection of the teeth and gums.

-shows antibacterial, anti-fungal, and immunomodulatory properties.

immortelle flower [helichrysum]

-the active constituents of immortelle flower stand above nearly all other extracts, and have not been identified in any other essential oil.

-the naturally occurring chemicals within helichrysum flowers are known for their regenerative effects through stimulation in the cells.

-including calming and anti-inflammatory agents,

-high amounts of esters, which have anti-spasmodic properties

• myrrh, peppermint and lemon, along with over 73 trace earth minerals including gold and silver help to assist the strength of teeth and polish to remove stains. Phos creats a toothpaste like no other.

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


montmorillonite bentonite clay, zeolite powder, s-bicarbonate, bamboo silica, distilled water, essential oils mixture of; peppermint, celery, anise, lemon, myrrh, clove, cassia, fennel, carrot, parsley ginger, basil, sage, spearmint chamomile, helichrysum. minerals of; oligo, volcanic, ionic, gold & silver. horsetail, olive leaf. cell salts of natural; silica calcium, magnesium, potassium.

AM + PM and between eating: Remove a large pea-size amount, brush teeth as normal. when finished & before ejecting; take in water & swish vigorously for twenty seconds [becomes a powerful mouthwash]. eject, rinse thoroughly, although all ingredients are healthy, we ask that you DO NOT SWALLOW.


by Teresa

Phos Wellness toothpaste

This leaves my teeth clean, bright and remineralized!

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