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Clary Sage-Lavender Clarifying Toning Mist

Om Pur Skincare

Clary Sage-Lavender Clarifying Toning Mist


Helps to eliminate unhealthy microbes and toxins from the skin. Support balanced oil secretions, calms inflammation, nourishes & hydrates skin for a healthy complexion.

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Caring for blemished skin is about more than just the products you apply on your skin. It's more about your genes, hormones, diet, lifestyle & your emotions. How you feel about yourself & others and how you respond to stressful situations can impact your skin by causing hormonal imbalances & other bodily disturbances that often show up as blemishes or other skin problems. (50ml)

An unhealthy diet or poor lifestyle choices often cause liver congestion that can show up on your skin. Topical application of products with chemicals may cause skin reactions due to sensitivity, or may be absorbed through the skin & travel throughout your body weakening your immune system & other organs.

Our approach considers all of the underlying causes of skin problems & provides products that help reduce the residual effects seen in skin as break-outs or inflammation. To help reduce symptoms that appear in the skin, we provide chemical-free products that:

(1) Helps to eliminate unhealthy microbes and toxins from the skin;

(2) Balance the skin's pH for a stronger protective barrier against bacteria;

(3) Support balanced oil secretions;

(4) Help calm inflammation;

(5) Nourish & hydrate the skin for a healthier complexion.


• Antimicrobial to minimize bacteria

• Helps reduce & balance oil secretions

• Calms inflamed break-outs

• Helps balance hormones

• Helps reduce pores

• Balances skin's pH


*Clary Sage distillate; *Neroli distillate; *Rosemary distillate; *Aloe-Herb extract (*Spring water, *aloe vera, *yarrow, *calendula, *lavender, *helichrysum, *lemon balm, *lemon peel); *Rose distillate; *Willow bark extract; Willow herb extract; Aspen bark extract; Plant saccharides; *Lavender oil; *Geranium oil; *Lemon tea tree oil; Sandalwood oil

*Wildcrafted or Organic Ingredients

Mist skin after cleansing. Allow to penetrate before applying other products. Use 2-3X daily.