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Forager's Cologne

Living Libations

Forager's Cologne


Enjoy peace from pests with this delectable cologne that doubles as an insect repellent. Organic, wild-crafted oils and supercritical extracts soothe the skin while protecting it from irritating insects.

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Enjoy peace from outdoor pests with Living Libations Foragers Cologne. This coniferous-camphorous cologne discourages the buzz of fly-bys. Organic, wild-crafted essences aromatically anoint the skin while letting you enjoy the outdoors instead of shewing and swatting.

Nature's best and brightest have made the cut in this foraging formula: cedar and peppermint to placate, eucalyptus to activate, white sage to consecrate, and geranium to invigorate. Aromatic allies to ensure your walk in the woods is a peaceful one.



Biodynamic Grape Alcohol, Tarchonanthus camphoratus (Leleshwa), Salvia apiana (White Sage), Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), Leptospermum petersonii (Lemon Tea Tree), Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus), Eucalyptus staigeriana (Lemon Eucalyptus), Cedrus atlantica (Cedar), and Mentha peperita (Peppermint).

Leleshwa -Also known as African Sage, Leleshwa is a shrub that grows in the wild Kenyan bush. Wild animals like elephants and rhinoceros rub their skin upon the shrub to protect themselves from insects, making this nature's true answer to pest protection!

White sage -This traditional Native American remedy has been used for centuries to sanctify body and spirit during religious ceremonies and rituals. It's also an anti-inflammatory that is said to soothe itchy skin and insect bites.

Geranium -Geranium is potent with the botanical compounds of geraniol and citral which are the competent components that have made geranium an effective vermifuge throughout history.

Lemon tea tree -Lemon tea tree contains three potent compounds that are nature's most effective answer to pest control: citral, citronellal, and pinen. Lemon tea tree has the added benefit of being a wonderful antidepressant.

Eucalyptus globulus -This particular strain of eucalyptus contains high amounts of cineol, another powerful natural insecticide. Eucalyptus globulus is also said to ease the inflammation of insect bites and cleanse the bite area of bacteria and viruses.

Eucalyptus staigeriana -Eucalyptus staigeriana is also referred to as Lemon​-Scented Ironbark​ ​Eucalyptus oil. It contains ​the compounds of ​citronella​o​l,​ citral, geraniol and limonene​.

Cedar -Rich, woodsy cedar oil is the ingredient that takes our Forager's cologne from a natural repellent to a standalone fragrance. You just might find yourself spritzing even when you're nowhere near the forest! Cedar is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory that soothes bitten skin.

Peppermint -Peppermint oil is wonderfully refreshing but not to insects who find the aroma too powerful. Takes the itch out of bites too. It has shown to be an effective treatment against lice.

Forager's Cologne is most effective when used in combination with our Forager's Balm. Before you embark on your forest foray, spritz exposed skin, hair and clothes with the cologne, then use Forager's balm on your hands, behind the ears, on the face, and at the nape of the neck.

A single drop of Forager's Cologne is also a wonderful remedy for bug bites -apply directly to the skin, being sure to avoid the eye area.