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Grapeseed-Geranium Balancing Moisturizing Oil

Om Pur Skincare

Grapeseed-Geranium Balancing Moisturizing Oil


An extra light oil moisturizer for oily skin that provides the hydration oily skin needs as well as sebum-balancing herbs and essential oils. Balances oil secretions, reduces pore size, & minimizes bacteria.

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Natural law teaches us that 'oil dissolves oil'. Only an oil moisturizer can penetrate through excess sebum in skin to 'break' it up and carry oil-balancing nutrients deep into the skin's tissues. Our new extra light oil moisturizer for oily skin provides the hydration oily skin needs as well as sebum-balancing herbs and essential oils. (15ml)


OM PUR's oil moisturizers are 100% pure and 100% active containing no 'filler' ingredients. Every drop is alive and highly energetic. Immediate and long term beneficial results are visibly noticed. A cream or lotion by contrast, has a large percentage of filler type ingredients, thereby limiting it's effectiveness compared with the 100% live ingredients in an active oil. It is not possible for a cream to be 100% pure or 100% active as it is with oil moisturizers.


Other points that define the superior value of oil moisturizers are: (1) Oils do not require preservatives, cream and lotions do. (2) Oils can be cold-processed to maintain their full integrity and activity. Creams and Lotions must be prepared with high temperatures to create a bond between the water and oil ingredients. High temperatures during manufacturing diminishes or weakens any active ingredients included in the formulas.


Warming up to using an oil as your moisturizer is easy when you understand the differences and experience the results. However, for cream users who find it difficult to make the switch, we have created a light cream as a transitional moisturizer that is made with only a small amount of wax. It has been our experience that when an individual who has always used a cream moisturizer switches to an OM PUR oil moisturizer for at least 2 weeks, the lighter feeling after the oil has penetrated, and the obvious results are so significantly different, they never want to go back to using a cream again.


• Reduces oil-secretions

• Antimicrobial to minimize bacteria

• Helps reduce pore size

• Nourishing for healthier skin

• Antioxidants prevent skin damage

  • RAW

Herb-infused *Grapeseed oil (*Geranium, *lemon balm, *nettle, *neem, *rosemary, *green tea, *basil leaves, *hibiscus, *echinacea, *orange peel, *goji berry); *Jojoba oil; Hazelnut oil; *Cranberry seed oil; *Carrot seed ext; *Rosehip seed extract; *Lavender oil; *Geranium oil; *Pettigrain oil; *Lemon tea tree oil; *Cedarwood oil; Frankincense oil; *Lemon oil; Vitamin E oil; *Rosemary extract

*Wildcrafted or Organic Ingredients

For best results, apply after cleansing & misting with Willow-Nettle toning mist.

Caution: Do not get too close to eye opening or the oil may seep into eye causing irritation.