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Lavender-Neroli Balancing Toning Mist

Om Pur Skincare

Lavender-Neroli Balancing Toning Mist


A soothing aromatic blend of pure neroli distillate & calming lavender offer skin-calming hydration & support balance for all skin types. The delicate natural blended aroma calms emotions and uplifst the mood.

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Calming, hydration & aroma from pure plant essence. Water -the giver of life -captures the essence of plants and flowers and their aromas in the form of pure distillates and infusions. A distillate is the aqueous by-product of steam distilled essential oils, and infusions are solutions containing plant actives as a result of steeping plants in water. Distillates and infusions hold the beneficial properties and aromas of the plants and are given to you in the form of a pure hydration mist.

OM PUR Lavender-Neroli mist is a soothing, uplifting aromatic blend of pure neroli (orange blossom) distillate, calming lavender flower infusion and a blended infusion of healing and regenerating calendula, helichrysum and malva flowers.

The purity and beneficial properties of our living floral waters offer skin-calming hydration and support balance for all skin types. The delicate natural blended aroma essence of orange blossoms and lavender flowers calm emotions and uplift the mood giving a sense of well-being. (50ml)


• Balances skin pH

• Helps balance combination skin

• Hydrates & refreshes

• Soothes & calms sensitive skin

• Helps purify skin & pores

• Aroma uplifts mood


*Neroli distillate; *Lavender flower-aloe infusion; *Aloe vera juice; *Calendula flower, *Life everlasting flower & *Malva flower extract; Aspen bark extract.

*Wildcrafted or Organic Ingredients

For the best results, mist skin after cleansing or exfoliating Use to rehydrate & refresh skin anytime Use as a soothing after shave for men.