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Lemongrass-Thyme Facial Cleanser

Om Pur Skincare

Lemongrass-Thyme Facial Cleanser


This antimicrobial cleanser has a delightful, true natural lemongrass-thyme aroma. It is formulated & pH balanced to balance oil secretions, reduce large pores and support clear & calm skin. Ideal for normal, oily, combination & blemished skin types.

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A cleanser that keeps your skin hydrated & protected is free of harsh chemicals & is pH balanced to harmonize with your skin's natural pH of 5.5. OM PUR uses a natural, mild surfactant (soap) in all face and body cleansers made from renewable raw materials that are sustainable & biodegradable (coconut/palm oils and plant starch/sugar). These are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

We know how important the right cleanser is to have the healthiest and best results from your skin care regimen. Uniquely created for specific normal, oily, combination and blemished skin types and conditions, and is ideal for any age and for both women and men. You will love the fresh, clean lemony aroma of this lemongrass-thyme facial cleanser. (60ml)


• Antimicrobial to minimize bacteria

• Helps remove excess oil secretions

• Helps reduce large pores

• Contains no sulfates or harsh chemicals

• Refreshing lemon-herb aroma

  • RAW

*Aloe-Herb Infusion (Aloe vera juice, Lemongrass, Thyme, Lemon balm, Sage, Neem, Lavender, Plantago); Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate (and) Lauryl glucoside (Coconut/ Palm oils & Plant sugars); Veg Glycerin; Aspen bark extract; *Rosemary distillate; *Witch hazel distillate; Xanthan gum; *Lemongrass oil; *Lemon oil; *Thyme oil; *Bitter orange oil; *Sage oil; *Rosemary ext

*Wildcrafted or Organic

For best results, cleanse morning and night. Rinse well. Cleanse 2X if removing make-up.