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Living Libations

Gardenia Petal Perfume


A bouquet dripping with Jasmine, gardenia, Tahitian vanilla & lemon lures the soul to come out and play with hints of adventure to come.

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The beautifully, intoxicating scent of Gardenia has been distilled and has glided into creating Living Libations Gardenia Petal Perfume. This organic fragrance transports the senses to a tropical garden’s embrace that lingers, as fine perfumes and as sultry nights do.

Elegant from the first mist, lose yourself in the petals bursting with the bloom of a tropical moon. Living Libations Gardenia Petal Perfume is where deep floral offerings coalesce in a bouquet dripping with Jasmine’s joy juice that is creamy-sweet like blossom honey, sumptuously sultry like a fulsome moon with hints of adventure to happen. Tahitian Vanilla ensorcels Gardenia’s gorgeous floral ecstasy, while a delectable dash of Lemon lures the soul to come out and play.


Grape Alcohol - Our bio-dynamically grown, organic, 190 proof neutral grape alcohol is filtered in three stages to assure the highest level of purity. Furthermore, it is tested by an independent lab to insure that this organic spirit is pharmaceutical grade and meets United States Pharmacopeia standards.

Gardenia Tiare -This precious, potent absolute nourishes the senses with essences of jungle rain and juicy white blossoms. Gardenia Tiare lifts the spirits, unleashes sensuality, and encourages the heart to feel just right.

Jasmine Grandiflorum -An aphrodisiac and stress reliever, Jasmine Grandiflorum embodies the hopeful essence of a glorious sunrise. The oil is captured from the petals of this delicate flower, which opens itself to the first rays of morning light.

Tahitian Vanilla -Our Tahitian Vanilla supercritical extract is a sensual delight that relaxes mind and body. Heavy-scented and honey-sweet, this super potent vanilla infuses the heart with lightness and joy.

Lemon -Refreshing Lemon oil offers endless benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. It is an uplifting, energizing zest that brings out heady gardenia and jasmine's best.

Mist on skin, clothing or hair for an enchanting & lasting scent.