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Living Libations

Poetic Pits Bundles


Four 5ml Roll-On Bottles of each Poetic Pit: Royal Rose, Petal, Lavender and Gingerlily. Anoint delicate underarm areas with the purifying, sanctifying pure-plant power of flowers.

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“The scent of these arm-pits is an aroma finer than prayer.” Walt Whitman

From the fragrance of flower pheromones, we venture into the aromatic-anemone of our armpits. Our current olfactory recession now masks our odors with an obsession for synthetic scented confections - mere chimeras of past perfumed-plant preparations. Yet, real to the feel aromatics still exist with botanicals beneficial to the micro-life in the rainforest in our pits. Why wouldn't one want the plant-pheromones to mix, meld, and enhance our aroma in lieu of synthetic aldehydes of androstenone packed in aluminum and petroleum oil?

Does “natural” simply mean choosing an “aluminum-free” deodorant? Or can your daily deodorant go further; instead of choosing the least detrimental deodorant, what if your deodorant could actually enhance your state of well-being and unleash your most euphoric personal aroma upon the world?

Living Libations Poetics Pits bundles do just that. Living Libations Underarm Charms have revolutionized the concept of deodorant. Apply the sensuality of sandalwood, the reality of roots, and the purity of petals to your sacred armpit areas. Instead of a chemical cocktail and an aluminum-free guarantee, we have gone back to nature, whose breathtaking botanicals give us everything we need to create fresh, fragrant underarm charm that lasts till your next bath.

Splendid Bundle

Adorn each underarm with the splendid bliss of this bountiful bundle of organic blends. Charm your underarms with the cool-blue cypress and sacred frankincense found in Living Libations Stellar Poetic Pits. Fortify with the clearing, cleansing powers of cardamom, lemon myrtle, and muhuhu bark found in Living Libations Palo Santo Poetic Pits. Sanctify your sacred underarms with the majestic charm of Living Libations Myrrh Poetic Pits, and relax with the lovely, Living Libations Lavender Poetic Pits. Each natural deodorant is made with an essential oil elixir to infuse your underarms with pure plant poetry. Enjoy four distinct Living Libations blends plus a darling drawstring bag to carry your collection.

4/5ml Roll-On Bottles of each Poetic Pit: Stellar, Palo Santo, Myrrh and Lavender

Flower Power Bundle

Pamper each pit with a fragrant bouquet of underarm charm. Anoint delicate underarm areas with the purifying, sanctifying pure-plant power of flowers. Each delectable deodorant in Living Libations Flower Power Bundle is carefully crafted to unleash the gentle-yet-potent effects of floral essential oils. Living Libations Royal Rose Poetic Pits creates a sacred space in which rose otto and geranium distillations provide grace. Living Libations Petal Poetic Pits is a sensual garden of delight. Living Libations Lavender Poetic Pits lovingly laces aroma into all the right places, while Living Libations Ginger Lily Poetic Pits infuses underarms with an earthier aroma of sandalwood, gingerlily flowers, and vetiver. Empower your underarms with the gentle nourishment of Flower Power in this bundle of 4 distinct Poetic Pits + Living Libations handy drawstring bag.

4/5ml Roll-On Bottles of each Poetic Pit: Royal Rose, Petal, Lavender and Gingerlily

Majestic Bundle

Unleash the majestic mystery of our aromatic earth in this grand, grounding collection of underarm elixirs. Living Libations Majestic Poetic Pits Bundle is a collection of rich, earthy essential oils with dashes of surprisingly sweet scent-delights. Living Libations Vetiver Poetic Pits infuses sumptuous sandalwood with passionate patchouli and verdant vetiver. Living Libations Radiant Earth Poetic Pits roots you in the grounded nature of sandalwood, cardamom, vetiver, and voluptuous vanilla. Living Libations Classic Poetic Pits blends soothing sandalwood with a dash of Douglas fir and cardamom, while Maverick Poetic Pits reveals a masculine mantra of frankincense, vetiver, cardamom, cape chamomile, sandalwood, and a splash of grapefruit. To realize the majesty within, plant your feet firmly on the ground while lifting your arms to the scent-filled heavens. Enjoy four earthy, distinct Poetic Pits ceremoniously slung into your very own Living Libations drawstring bag.

4/5ml Roll-On Bottles of each Poetic Pit: Classic, Radiant Earth, Maverick and Vetiver

Royal Bundle

Anoint and nourish charming underarms with Living Libations most regal Poetic Pits collection. Treat yourself like royalty with nature's most decadent, delectable deodorant blends, all of which are fit for the forest's finest kings and queens. Enrich your pits with Living Libations Neroli Poetic Pits, made with Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and neroli, the favorite oil of 17th century princesses. Protect your pits with the fabulous fragrances of copal and musk mallow found in Living Libations Copal Musk/Musk Mallow Poetic Pits. Revere what you hold dear and wrap your nose in a bouquet of rose, inhaling the healing essence of royal rose distilled with geranium – the sensual scent in Living Libation Royal Rose Poetic Pits. Unleash your inner radiance with the royal rootiness of vetiver, sandalwood, and cardamom in Living Libations Radiant Earth Poetic Pits. Each natural deodorant in our Royal Bundle has been hand-crafted to anoint your Highest Self; a spirit exuding royal wealth through fantastic fragrance. Enjoy four distinct Living Libations all nestled in a drawstring bag.

4/5ml Roll-On Bottles of each Poetic Pit: Royal Rose, Neroli, Copal Musk and Radiant Earth


Rose: Essential oils of sandalwood, rose otto, lavender and geranium distilled with rose.

Petal: Essential oils of sandalwood, lavender, ylang, and chamomile.

Lavender: Essential oils of sandalwood, lavender, and spikenard.

GingerLily: Essential oils of sandalwood and gingerlily co-distilled with vetiver.

One stroke is underarm charm!