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Rosehip-Chamomile Herbal Scrub - Professional Size

Om Pur Skincare

Rosehip-Chamomile Herbal Scrub - Professional Size

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Revitalize and brighten skin with nourishing herbs and refining Moroccan rhassoul clay. Fresh new skin cells replace lifeless cells, while circulation is increased carrying oxygen & nutrients to your skin for a glowing complexion.

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Healthy, youthful-looking skin is clarified, nourished, smooth, soft, supple, calm, hydrated and glowing. After proper cleansing, an important key to attaining all the qualities of great skin is exfoliating with natural & effective, nutrient-rich ingredients from nature.

Our skin naturally renews itself every month replacing old skin cells with fresh new ones. As we age, the process of renewal slows down and dead cells build up on the skin's surface. This gives your complexion a dull, lifeless look with more fine lines and sagging skin. Dead surface cells can also clog pores causing blackheads, acne or other blemishes.

By gently scrubbing your skin with our OM PUR blend of nourishing herbs and refining Moroccan rhassoul clay, fresh new skin cells replace lifeless cells. At the same time, the blood supply to your skin is naturally increased carrying oxygen, nutrition and hydration to your skin for a healthier, more supple and glowing complexion. (8oz)


• Revitalizes & brightens skin

• Helps unclog & clarify pores

• Smoothes & softens skin texture

• Encourages more supple, firmer skin


*Chamomile powder; *Morrocan Rhassoul Clay; *Rosehips powder; *Calendula powder; *Horsetail herb powder; *Lavender powder; *Lemon balm powder; *Rose petal powder; *Echinacea purpurea powder; *Grapefruit peel powder

*Wildcrafted or Organic Ingredients


Mix ½ tsp powder with equal part water. Gently scrub damp skin for 1-2 minutes, rinse. Use 1-4X/week.


General Direction: Mix a large spoon of a food listed below with the basic blend of powder & water. Apply to skin and leave on 5-15 minutes. Splash water on mask and scrub as you rinse.

Plain Yogurt -Good for acne & blemishes.

Raw Honey -Healing, soothing, hydrating. Good for dry or mature skin.

Fresh Lemon Juice -Good for oily skin.

Strawberry, Apple juice & Yogurt blend -Fruit acids increase exfoliation

Cucumber -Cooling, calming & astringent

Avocado -Moisturizing for dry skin

Grapefruit Essential Oil -1 drop mixed with blend clarifies pores

$60.00 $80.00