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Shine – Dental Polish (Peppermint Free)

Shine – Dental Polish (Peppermint Free)


Tooth exfoliant, brightener and polish that inhibits the bacteria that cause heart disease, gingivitis, bad breath and inflammation from other microbes. Peppermint Free.

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WHAT IT IS: Exfoliant, tooth brightener and polish that supports locally and systemically. The natural ingredients are transported directly into the bloodstream from the gum mucosa. This formulation strongly inhibits the bacteria that cause heart disease, gingivitis, bad breath and inflammation from other microbes. It has received praised amongst medical and naturopathic doctors as well as biological dentists. (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo)

BENEFITS: Anti-inflammatory, inhibit dental plaque formation and protects gums against numerous insults, very alkalinizing, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, effective support for periodontal and gum infections.

  • Baking soda has been shown to neutralize acids in the mouth which reduces the amount of acid-loving bacteria that cause cavities. Baking soda has also been shown to reduce dental plaque. It will naturally and gently remove surface stains.

  • MSM primarily impacts your health by reducing inflammation. It appears to improve cell wall permeability, so it can be used to help deliver other active ingredients. Perhaps most important, MSM helps protect against oxidative damage.

  • Green Living Clay is a rare desert clay that has been protected from contaminants and leaching by the climate. Sealed away and isolated from natural elements by a cap of zeolite minerals for forty-three million years, this highly charged Calcium Bentonite Clay has tremendous drawing power, making it useful as a gentle mouth detox.

  • Studies have shown that Neem can benefit oral health by reducing plaque and bacteria. It is antioxidant and mineral-rich (zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorous and potassium) and is generally well tolerated and particularly useful in cases of gingivitis.


Sodium Bicarbonate, sea salt, *Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM), *Zinc Oxide, *L-ascorbic acid, bentonite, xylitol.

*Excipient free.

Our customers prefer to use this as a replacement for their toothpaste. It works synergistically with Watch Your Mouth or Just for Grins. Apply to toothbrush after first adding a few drops of Watch Your Mouth or Just for Grins. Just a tiny dab will do!