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Renew – Antimicrobial, Lyme, Candida and Immune Support


Renew – Antimicrobial, Lyme, Candida and Immune Support


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{Lyme ⋅Immune ⋅Lymphatics ⋅Heart and Lungs ⋅antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic and antiviral}

WHAT IT IS: This is a 100% Organic and Wild-Harvested Proprietary Blend of Pure, Therapeutic, Organic and/or Wild Crafted Essential Oils that support optimal health by addressing infections, the lymphatic and circulatory system, as well as the immune system.


Fights infections and supports the immune and circulatory system.

EMOTIONAL ASPECT: Anguish, insomnia, depression, sadness.

CRYSTAL PAIRING: Moss agate is the stone of new beginnings. It acts as a reminder to our body, our spirit and our soul that our being is much like a rich forest, ever-able to revitalize and regrow. Enlightened gardeners love moss agate, because it is said that when it is buried in a flower pot or strewn throughout the soil of a garden, it has proven to increase and encourage new plants to grow. Our body receives the very same message from the encouraging stone: it is safe to sprout roots, you are able to rise tall, and now is your time to abundantly flourish.

5 ml

  • RAW

• For treatment of acute infections and fevers, place 2 drops on the bottom of each foot and put on socks before bed.

• Can be taken internally before meals. Shake well and add a few drops to 4 oz of water or add to an empty capsule.