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Creates a radiant glow & softens the skin into rose-woven silk. Perfect on pimples, radiant for rosacea, excellent for evening skin tone and righteous for wrinkles!

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This silky smooth face serum creates a radiant, dewy glow that restores, adores, and harmonizes every face adorned by its grace. The floral glory of rose otto in Living Libations Rose Glow Serum possesses an exceptional affinity for wise skin and skin requiring gentle care.

Soften the skin into rose-woven silk with this pure rose-filled elixir that blesses with a dewy, fresh face and a sweetened disposition. Righteous for wrinkles! Royal for pallid complexions! Excellent for evening out skin tone! A few drops in the morning and a few drops at night alight the skin with pure, fresh, feather-light moisture.


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba), Hippophae rhamnoides (Seabuckthorn), Rosa damascena (Rose Otto), Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), Helichrysum italicum (Immortelle), Citrus aurantium (Neroli), (Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Lithospermum erythrorhizon (Stone Root), and Cymbopogon martini (Palmarosa)

Jojoba – Jojoba is fantastic for treating acne and clearing the skin of impurities. This oil is incredibly similar to the skin’s own natural sebum, making it especially effective and easily absorbed. Jojoba is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and naturally contains replenishing amounts of Vitamin E.

Seabuckthorn – Skin cells thrive under the loving care of seabuckthorn, which protects the inner and outer part of the cell from moisture loss. Our organic seabuckthorn berries inhibit inflammation and infuse the skin with rich, protective antioxidants. Seabuckthorn is known to heal skin from radiation burns, sun burns and evens out skin tone from hyperpigmentation.

Rose Otto – Is the pure distilled essence of Rose, it hydrates and moisturizes while improving skin’s texture and overall appearance. It also brings balance to skin that is either overly oily or chronically dry.

Geranium – Geranium is wonderful for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and tightening skin that has become loose or saggy. It stimulates circulation, drives intense moisture into thirsty skin, and brings balance to acne-prone skin.

Immortelle – Also known as helichrysum and everlasting, this cell-stimulating, scar-healing and skin-protecting essence is divine for skincare. A stimulant and protective agent, immortelle defends the skin against damaging free radicals while fading scars and stretch marks. It also protects the skin from damage caused by pollution, harsh weather, stress, and the effects of aging.

Neroli – Gentle yet powerful, neroli oil fades scars and stretch marks, improves skin’s elasticity, and balances over-productive oil glands. Neroli is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and helps to reduce pore size and prevent water loss in skin cells.

Lavender – Lavender’s antibacterial properties prevent cuts, scrapes and insect bites from becoming infected. Acne and scars heal more quickly with lavender, which also reduces inflammation and stimulates the circulatory system.

Stone Root - Don’t let the name fool you – stone root is actually the go-to elixir for nourishing our body’s most tender, delicate tissues, especially when skin gets inflamed, stone root calms and cools. What’s more, its fresh scent is said to lift the spirits and make the soul soar!

Palmarosa – Perfectly balancing and endlessly moisturizing, palmarosa fights infections and the enzymes that erode collagen and elastin while stimulating new skin cell growth. Acne, scars, and overly oily skin will all benefit from an application of this powerful ingredient.

This lightweight liquid is luminous with lipids. Simply apply droplets to your palm. Using your fingertips, gently pat the serum around the eyes, face, neck and any area that requires rosy assistance. Combine with a few drops of our Rose Glow Crème for an all-out infusion of magnificent-moisture and the potent power of rose.


by Terri

Lovely addition to the Rose Glow Oil and Seabuckthorn Oil

I thought that I would try the serum since I already use the Best Skin Ever Rose Glow cleanser, rose glow face cream and rose complexion mist. It has a very strong rose smell. I will generally use this at night so that it can absorb into my skin. I think that it's too much by day, unless I'm going makeup free. I haven't noticed significant changes. Overall, I just feel like I'm doing my skin a favor by choosing a serum that is natural!

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by Olivia

Holy grail facial oil

This is my holy grail facial oil. It’s non greasy, soaks In effortlessly, and leaves my skin super soft.
The sent is natural and light. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Pure gold This stuff is pure gold. I have dry skin and swim in the ocean often. It makes my skin feel beautiful. I love it! –Louisa

Love the afterglow on my face after it’s been absorbed. This duo [Seabuckthorn BSE] right here has me in love love love! –Carissa

Omg it is heaven So often people love products but forget to compliment the people and company behind the products they enjoy using. I first discovered Living Libations at the Juicy Naam in Sag Harbor New York. Back then I was a student in college on a budget, so I would save what I could and buy myself the Best Skin Ever Oils. They are amazing!! Thank you so much for creating such wonderful and high quality products! –Tara

This serum is da best. Period Have you ever used a skin product that makes you so happy that you simply want to put a golden crown on it and declare it the Queen of ..whatever skin category that product belongs to? Well you are looking at my *RoseGlow Oil Serum* Queen, which is a creation of Living Libation, a brand very dear to me. This serum is da best. Period. This serum, like every product Living Libations has to offer, is pure and it is distilled only from the named plants matter, which are either wildcrafted or organically grown without:




-synthetic fertilizers.

Can you get anything more pure on your skin than this? No. And that makes a plant oil serum stand out from the crowd. [Vegan friendly, cruelty free by default] Nuff said ( actually not, because I could write pages about the brand and the products I've used).. I used this serum alone, which is awesome but I also used it in conjunction with the Rose Glow Face Cream⚘, which took my skin experience to a whole new level. It applies like silk, it is very emollient, without the heaviness and it creates the smoothest skin surface and the softest skin texture and it also adds glow and dewiness. For extra best results, definitely combine a few drops with the RoseGlow Face Cream. I cant keep my fingers off my skin after I apply the two on. –Deena, botanikalbeauty

Thank you for creating beautiful products that actually work! I recently purchased your best skin ever and rose serum and I'm in love! Having suffered from bad skin most of my teen years my skin has always been unsettled but now it is positively glowing!! Thank you for creating beautiful products that actually work! –Ali

Amazing heavenly decadence! Lovvvvve this! One of my many LL faves! The Rose Serum & Best Skin Ever oils are in my top 5. Using all LL facial treatments exclusively for almost 2yrs now & love it beyond anything I have ever tried! Customer for life!! Amazing heavenly decadence! –Christina

My face glows I bought the rose glow serum and having been using it for 2 weeks. I have to admit I was sceptical about your products given the number of seemingly over the top product reviews that sounded more like poems than actual reviews but I’m a believer at the very least in your rose glow serum now. My face glows, I’ve stopped wearing my BB cream. The smell is SO addictive that just putting it on has become a nightly ritual I can’t wait to start. I can’t wait to try your other products - you have a customer for life, thank you! –Cammelia

For Chronic Dry Skin I used Rose Glow Serum with the Rose Glow Cream and it works wonder on my chronic dry skin. I didn't think I could find anything for my skin. But these two together will give you unicorn glowing skin. I noticed the difference within the first use. My skin has calmed down and feels really hydrated. I'm so glad I invested into these two. –Joanne

Outstanding! The Rose Glow Serum is the first serum I have ever used and I'm loving it! I get dry, flaky skin in the winter months, but since I started using this serum before bed, my skin looks and feels amazing. A little goes a long way and the scent is very nice. I look forward to using it every night! I will definitely repurchase. –SLM

Amazing! This is my favorite thing I've bought from LL so far, and that's saying something! (The best skin ever Rose is a very close second!). It smells amazing, hydrates my skin perfectly, and gives me a lovely glowing face every morning. I've recommended this to everyone! I have dry-ish skin but I'm prone to breakouts in my T-zone, but this keeps everything balanced, prevents breakouts, and moisturizes my dry spots all at the same time. I use it after washing with BSE Rose oil and I sometimes add JewelDab to it when my skin needs a pick me up. Absolutely LOVE–Jacy

Holy Grail moisturizing products Holy Grail moisturizing products by @livinglibations. With dry skin season just around the corner and being in need of a new moisturizer, I decided to give the Rose serum and crème a shot. Recently I added Living Libations products to my skin care routine and I can honestly say they are heaven! –Jamie Lee

Love! I absolutely love this product! My skin has never looked more beautiful.I use the Rose Glow Serum with Rose Glow Complexion Mist or Rose Glow creme for a bit more moisture and a dewy gorgeousness that lasts all day long. I also use it after washing my face with Best Skin Ever for a bit more moisture.–Barb

Divine The Rose Glow Serum is divine because it contains my favourite beauty ingredients... This beautiful rose serum helps regulate moisture and oil production on the face. It left me with a more even skin tone and such a youthful glow throughout the day. –Sandra, sandraelenasblog

Amazing! I can honestly say that i did not expect anything special when i purchased this serum as I have been using serum/oils for some time and they're always just OK. I have been using this serum for over 2 weeks and I can't say enough good things about it. My skin drinks it up immediately and leaves my skin soft and plump, it layers well under other skincare products and under makeup. After continued use I have noticed my skin is more 'Dewy' which I guess is where the 'Glow' factor comes in. I am a little concerned with how quickly I am going through it. The directions say to use a 'squirt' but realistically I end up using almost an entire dropper. Overall I do really love this serum and I haven't tried a product that exceeds my expectations like this has. I will repurchase.. I just hope for a $50 bottle it lasts. –Kristina

fabulous natural products! I just wanted to let you know HOW MUCH I love your products!!! The Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn is amazing, and the Rose Glow Serum keeps up its promise :-) I also bought a number of dental products and they really leave a very nice feeling all around. (and I'm getting used to the taste :-) ) Thank you for creating these fabulous natural products! –Andrea

Divine! This serum is AMAZING! I love the smell, and it has worked wonders on my skin. Thank you a million times! –Meredith

Fabulous I have been using the rose serum and rose cream every day for 2 weeks and my skin is fabulous!! The combination of these two have given my skin the extra moisture it needed without making my skin greasy. I love them!!! The serum is diminishing the appearance of spots everyday as well as all the redness I had around my nose and eyes!! Thanks for making these incredible products! –Jared

Best things I've ever put on my face Your products are the best things Ive ever put on my face. I seriously cant get enough. I want to buy one of everything and throw out everything else in my bathroom-except the TP. I have super delicate skin and products either dont work or make things worse. I even lent my friend my rose glow for a few days and got her hooked. I cant stop talking about you guys. Keep up the good work! –Jennifer

Glorious scent, fabulous feel, miraculous results. Glorious scent, fabulous feel, miraculous results. –Mary Ellen

Scent is amazing I love every product you make! But my favourite by far is the rose glow serum!! My skin literally glows when I use it and the scent is amazing. –Sebrina

It makes me look and feel radiant! My current favorite is the rose glow serum! –Jessica

My skin is looking so much better thanks to Living Libations. I love everything that I have used but if I had to pick would be the Rose Glow Serum- love the scent, love how my skin feels when I apply it. I usually have redness in my skin, my esthetician has actually ask what it is I am using because my skin is looking so much better thanks to Living Libation. –Matiana

My skin is glowing Nadine thank-you. I was a serial product user but not any longer. My friends love your products so much. I am 55 and practically glow. If you were here in SAn Francisco I would want to work with you. Thank you again. –Diana

shining stars To me, the serums are the shining stars in Living Libations product line. The serums are fabulous, and if you were to try anything from Living Libations, I would recommend starting with a serum. I’ve tried quite a few serums from their product line, and the two I love the most is the Chocolate Karat Serum and RoseGlow Serum. What I like about the serums is how soothing they are to my skin, and very moisturizing as well. A little does go a long way, and a small bottle can last over a year! I use the serum only at night, and either on it’s own after washing my face, or with a moisturizer (the moisturizer I recommend would be the RoseGlow Face Crème, and to use it with the RoseGlow Serum, especially if you have mature skin). –Natasha

the only products that I use I've tried the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, RoseGlow Serum, & RoseGlow Face Crème :) got to say I love all of them and generously use it on my skin everyday. They're the only products that I use now. I USE these products not only on a daily basic skincare regimen, but I have use it to soothe my dry, irritated, and itchy skin. I LOVE how it helps improve my skin and the glow that it gives my skin. I EMBRACE Living Libations because they're organic, natural, potent, and good for my skin. Ever since I use Living Libations, I have received many compliments on how beautiful my skin skin radiance and my face smiles :) I CELEBRATE these lovely products with love, care, & happiness. It gives my skin a new meaning of how to love, embrace, and beautify both my inner and outer beauty. My skin has a new life! :) THANK YOU, Nadine & Ron! –John

felt so strongly Hi! I never have done this with ANY product before, but I felt so strongly about the products I purchased from Living Libations, that I had to send a huge gigantic THANK YOU to you and your team, and whoever came up with the Rose Water Tonic and the Seabuckthorn 'recipes'. I just got my products a few weeks ago and can already tell a difference in my skins complexion and over all texture and softness. I am absolutely blown away. I have never really had 'skin issues' or really horrible skin, but these products have taken my skin to the next level- I am so thankful! I am 24 and am getting married in August, and I know that Living Libations will get my skin in amazing shape. I am saving up for the exfoliating scrub with my next order :) Thanks again for your incredible products! And I look forward to trying more when I can! –Christina

who smells sooooo good around me Thank you so much for sending my products so fast! I'm absolutely in LOVE with Sea Buckthorn Shampoo and Shine On Conditioner as well as RoseGlow Cream. After I used them all in the same day, I caught myself asking throughout the day " who smells sooooo good around me" and it was ME!!!!!! Thank you so much for making such beautiful products!!!!!!! I’m "everything natural and organic" fanatic and I’ve tried a lot of products out there and for the first time I can say that I’m hooked!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! –Karolina

good for us I just started using the rose serum, and have already been using the rose glow creme on my face. I thank-you very much for your extra time and attention to the way...want to say thank-you for all your products...I have tried MANY of them, and have been absolutely delighted and gratified with each one....feels so wonderful using products that are good for us and the planet! Most gratefully, –Elle

Real Glowing I love this rose glow serum, I put it at night I wake up with glowing face, the smell is amazing. I am looking forward to try rose glow cream and some other things. –Hend

Power Roses! "Wow! This RoseGlow has the most potent smell of roses out of all Libations products from the rose portion! This is the mighty warrior goddess of the roses, you can tell when she's around and when she means business! Very potent smell, but pleasant nonetheless. A little goes a long way!!!!! I use this very sparingly, and it's lasted me for almost a year! I only need to use half a drop for my face. It's enough to leave a great glow to face :) and it also balances hugely, this is key. This, along with all the other Libations products I've used over this past year, has completely eradicated my once very oily skin. Now I have a very balanced skin type, I rarely get spots on my face anymore. Now that it's balanced the oil production of my face, I cease to have problem skin. Just happy skin now :) :) :) Oh, and for an added ethereal, whimsical touch, I even spread a drop of this onto the ends of my hair... gives it that silky shiny touch, and because of its more potent rose smell, leaves hair smelling rosy for hours :)" –Kathy

Memories The smell of this glorious serum takes me back to summers with a mountain of wild roses behind our house. I would spend hours climbing around. This product was enough to bring tears to my eyes. I just love it! –Kelly

Glowing "I love you guys. Beautiful Nadine... the MOST AMAZING and MAGICAL things come in the mail to me....from you. Thank you, thank you! I have noticed a new glow since I've been using your products. A gentleman stopped me at the market yesterday and said ""Excuse me, I have to tell you that you are absolutely stunning. Seriously, you are glowing! Whatever you're doing - Keep doing it."" I've been telling everyone how wonderful your products are... THANK YOU so much for creating them! Looking forward to more goodies coming in the mail! yay! xoxoxo""" –Susan

Smooth, Soft, Amazing Skin! I use the Rose Glow Serum after the Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, morning and night. This amazing serum smells divine and leaves my skin so smooth and soft I can't even describe it. My face just looks refreshed and alive. Fine lines are even plumping up and disappearing! WOW! –Karin

Wonderful I wish I had discovered your products when I was younger. After washing with BSE I massage one or two drops onto my face and neck. My skin has never looked or felt as good as it does now. –Noreen

I love this serum! This serum goes on so smooth and i just adore the smell. It's a cherished part of my night time routine. –Sheryl

A truly, dewy glow! Like a bouquet of roses. A tiny squirt is all you need to bestow the glow! –Joma

amazing for winter i love this product. I was using a "natural" german skin care line for years thinking ti was the best i could get. I happened upon these products through a friend who walks her dog with mine. I onyl wish I started using these products 20 years ago. I have seen a visable difference in my skin. It was dry and flaky in the winter, my winkles are diminishing. I am totally converted. –Leslie

Life back to my cheeks! THANK YOU so much for the facial products! I bought the rose oil and rose/glow and cream at the conference in La. I love it. as a single working mother, I did not take care of my skin for years (he is 7) since he was born and your products seem to have brought life back into my face ! thank you. –Linda

The RoseGlow is a Magic Elixir "Rather than be the thousandth person to tell you how life-changing your products are, I wanted to find something new and cool and unusual to say. But: Your beautiful products have improved my skin, my soul, and my life. And my daughter's too! The Best Skin Ever is aptly named; the RoseGlow is a magic elixir; the sun care... the sun care!! That was a tough one for me to wrap my head around: Put oil on your skin revel in the sun? Isn't that counterintuitive? Wouldn't I fry? But no! My fish-belly-white skin that quickly goes to a sharpl fish-gut-red stayed moony white, even after hours of re-potting seedlings in strong sunlight. Hallelujah! The naturalness of it all just feels so right, and that rightness spills over into the rest of our lives now. Thanks so much for creating and sharing these wondrous things." –Lauren

My face has never felt or looked more rosy "I met you all at the Longevity Conference and bought the rose travel set. I LOVE it!! My face has never felt or looked more rosy and bright! Thank you for making such a great product and keep up the great work! :) Much love and appreciation!" –Kimberly

Thank-you - Rose Glow is Divine I wanted to thank you for sharing your creative gifts - the oils that I have been using from your line, and the rose serum are divine. –Olivia

Beautiful glow "At 21, my skin is already starting to look aged, but thankfully, I found Living Libations! Within a week of using it, my face already had a lovely post-workout glow. And this serum smells wonderful! I love waking up and going to sleep with RoseGlow. I've tried many, many skin care products that do not compare! I'm really starting to love my skin and care for it in the best possible way, organically. I have more of Nadine's products coming my way and I can't wait to try them." –Cass

Rose Glow magic Rose Glow is magic in a bottle for your skin . Entering my forties I tried every product to give me that natural glowing dewy skin from my youth. Now I don't need to wish for that glowing skin, I have it thanks to this magical potion, Rose Glow serum. I use it after washing my face with Seabuckthorn Best Skin ever serum day and night. I use it prior to applying makeup and apply a small drop over my makeup for a flawless glow. I use it on a clean face prior to a workout which makes your skin glow as you sweat and absorbs these ** essential oils ** that replenish your skin. I can not have enough of this product. My skin is soft to the touch, hydrated day and night. I wake up with that fresh clean natural glow without makeup. Something I never thought I would say or believe at my age. Nadine. your products are of the highest quality and are pure for your skin. Rose Glow has exceeded my expectations:D Thank you, Rebeca Fort Lauderdale, Florida –Rebeca

Love this product! This review is for both the Rose serum as well as the cream. The smell is lovely and the products go on so soft and smooth! Its just perfect. My skin stays moisturized and glowing all day. I cant believe how well it works considering that Ive tried multiple facial products with so-so results. I havent used the two separately yet. I combine the creme with the serum and apply them to my face once a day after washing with best skin ever. My face is perfection! Thank you so much customer for life! –Ann