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Meow Meow Tweet Face Cleanser contains organic plant oils, alcohol-free witch hazel and a touch of castile soap lift away impurities while providing protective nutrients and leaving your face refreshed and soft. A balancing cream cleanser for oily, combo and blemish prone skin.

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Meow Meow Tweet Face Cleanser is a balancing cream cleanser for oily, combo and blemish prone skin.

This everyday cream cleanser is a gentle and effective recipe that will thoroughly cleanse your face without stripping the skin of vital moisture. Think of this as a an oil cleanser that rinses off! Organic plant oils, alcohol-free witch hazel and a touch of castile soap lift away impurities while providing protective nutrients and leaving your face refreshed and soft. The fresh, herbal smelling blend of restorative essential oils combat blemishes and tone the skin.

3.8oz glass

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


*helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) distillate, *vegetable glycerin, castile soap [aqua (water), *cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, *helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, *ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, ∞potassium hydroxide, citric acid, *rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract], *simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, *ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, *citrus bergamia (bergamot fcf) fruit oil, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar) gum, *sunflower lecithin, *juniperus communis (juniper) fruit oil, *ocimum basilicum (basil) oil

*certified organic / ∞none remains after saponification


Massage small amount over dry face. Wet hands and massage face to create a light milk. Rinse with warm water or wet washcloth.


This cream cleanser is perfect for oily and blemish prone skin!

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The best cleanser!! I originally purchased this Along with a bunch of other meow meow tweet minis because I wanted to switch to more natural and sustainable beauty products. After trying them all, this is the one I continue to buy in full size! I have oily, acne-prone skin and at first I wasn’t crazy about this cleanser because it didn’t wash off well (or so I thought) and it was gentler than previous cleansers I've used. After a while of ignoring it, i decided to give it another try and, wow, I am so happy I did! i’ve found that this is a cleanser that I have to use a washcloth to rinse off with and after making that small change, I’m in love! It is gentle yet effective on breakouts, leaves my skin super soft, and the oiliness of my skin has significantly decreased since I’ve been using it! I have totally committed to this as my full time cleanser. –Anna

Moisturizing without greasy feeling! I'm really surprised that I liked this cleanser so much, mostly because I tend to have oilier skin at certain times of the year. However, this cleanser is so effective without being too drying or too greasy feeling. It just leaves your skin feeling amazing and clean. And it smells good! I mostly use it after I've taken off my makeup with the lemon cleansing oil. Highly recommend. –Jill

My skin says YAY I have been acne prone since 13 (25 now), it became a regular part of my morning and night routine to wash my face but nothing seemed to work. I can't believe it took me 12 years to find the perfect solution but I'm so glad I did. I've been using this cleanser for about a month but already my family and friends can see a difference. people have asked me what i've been using! I was skeptical at first since i've tried almost every skin care product you can buy at a store but honestly this is the best! My skin is acne prone, oily, dries out after most cleansers (but not this one!), i have large pores, and I workout a lot so i get a lot of sweat in those pores. but my acne has been under control since using this cleanser! Can't recommend it enough for people who have struggled over the years! –Kayley

Shock and awe.... it works! As I’m nearing 40, my skin has become sensitive, dry, flaky, and acne prone. Seriously skin!? I threw caution to the wind and ordered a mini of the cleanser and all I have to say is WOW. MY FLAking has subsided, my breakouts are less noticeable, my skin looks plump and moisturized. yes, the no foam takes a little getting used to. Yes, it smells a little bit like spaghetti Bolognese, but that’s because of the essential oils in it. I don’t find the smell off putting and the fragrance doesn’t last after rinsing. If you have sensitive, flaky skin, and suffer from the occasional break out, I highly recommend this cleanser. It’s worth it. –Brenna

Fantastic product Light fluid which cleanses superbly and has such a natural and beautiful herb scent leaving your skin so soft. –Stamatia

Fantastic I use the face cleanser daily and it keeps my skin clear and bright. Highly recommend this for a non-abrasive face wash. –Sam

Amazing! I rarely take the time to write reviews so this should tell you something. I love this cleanser so much. Super gentle on the skin and leaves my skin glowing at the end. I have ance prone skin and this doesn't not cause more ance for me. I need to repurchase this product again because that's how much I love it. I also want to mention this is good for sensitive skin types. –Jackie

love it I actually love this. I'd been eyeing meow meow tweet for a long time and I finally decided to just order. I was looking for a new cleanser because I realized my previous one (Shea Moisture's African Black Soap) was effective in controlling breakouts but left me feeling sooo dry and my face would get sooo oily so quick. This cleanser is gentle and balancing. It's effectiveness in preventing breakouts is about the same as the black soap for me. which is fine! it also smells great! I'm very sensitive to smells, (lots of scents give me a headache) but I love earthy scents and that's what this is. Not overwhelming at all. I almost hate that I like it so much because I'm a student and can't really afford to spend $25 on a pretty small amount of cleanser. But I may just splurge on this and other MMT skincare products. –HK

Love!!! This cleanser is creamy goodness and smells amazing! It leaves my face feeling balanced and fresh. I've tried several cleansers and this is hands down the best that I've found and it's very affordable. I recommend MMT to everyone. –Jennifer

Excellent and Gentle! I had previously switched from a gentle cleanser to an organic gentle cleanser...but only to find my face adversely reacting to the cleanser and breaking out in hives with my eyes welling and burning. I almost gave up on organics...until I found this brand. I tried the trial size cream cleanser while my face was still reacting to the previous cleanser and it started calming down immediately. I have extremely sensitive skin and prone to very random breakouts (I'm in my 30s). Since using this cleanser, my skin tone has evened more, have had no adverse reactions, and my blemishes have been subdued. My skin is not completely clear, but there are no visible red spots. I'm sure with continued use, my face will continue to even out and have less frequent breakouts. I have since repurchased the larger size! –Chelsea

I'm spreading the word! I love this face cleanser, and how it doesn't dry out your face, but also doesn't make it oily. I bought the small size to try it out, then bought the larger size, and bough the facial kit to try the other products. I passed the small face cleanser that came in the kit along to my friend. I have been following the routine of using the cleanser, then toner and face oil, and my skin has been so soft and acne-free. Ever since I tried Shu Uemura face cleansing oil, I've been a fan of using an oil rather than a soap. Meow Meow Tweet's is way better, smells better, and I can afford it, so I'm totally hooked. –Sarah

Year round perfect cleanser MMT's Face Cleanser is easy to use, smells yummy, and cleans gently, leaving skin fresh and hydrated. I have tried so many brands and formulations of facial cleansers and MMT's is the very best! –Elaine

Organic & Outstanding!! This stuff is outstanding. I don't think I've used a face wash before that was this good. I've tried all kinds and never had such a nice, clean feeling before. Most leave my face dried out to the point that I have to apply heavy organic lotions and oils.This stuff, however, I could go without, which is awesome and saves me money on extra creams and lotions. Definitely recommend this product and will be buying again. –Krista

The Perfect Cleanser I am absolutely enamored with this stuff. It's smells amazing, makes my skin flawless, and balances my combo skin type. After using this cleanser regularly I've noticed my T-zone isn't nearly as oily as it used to be. I've had so many people ask me what's my secret to my "glowing skin" and I tell them it's the whole MMT line! –Rebecca

Just get it I rarely write online reviews, but I felt I needed to give much-deserved credit to this. It's awesome - creamy, smells great, and most importantly I swear my skin improved within as little as a week. I immediately ordered the cleanser and scrub after trying out the smaller size :) –Kelisha

Unbelievably effective This cleanser is a marvel! I'm so happy that my skin has improved greatly even on my first use. No more breakouts! Definitely going to buy more. Thank you MeowMeowTweet, you guys keep up the quality of the products. I'd recommend anyone to use this cleanser :D –EilyAllen

stellar for my dry and acne-prone skin this stuff works really great. definitely different than any other cleanser I've tried in terms of consistency, like a milk as described. the smell is herbal for sure, kind of reminds me a bit of licorice somehow (no anise or fennel). honestly, I've tried quite a few natural cleansers aimed at getting rid of acne, and this has been the best I've used so far. I first tried the mini, and within a few days my face was already starting to get better (and I, of course, came back for a full size). I've been using as recommended only at night, and I follow with a witch hazel/ACV-based toner and face oil, then washing just with water in the morning followed by toner and oil. it's been almost a month, and the zits that were once psyched to hang out on my face and invite new friends almost daily have reduced by a ton. thanks MMT for yet another awesome product, it's so great to have a company you can trust to be natural and work effectively! –Lauren

gnetle, rejuvinating My face has suffered for months from the harsh effects steroids used on my cheeks to fight severe eczema. It looked and felt raw, kinda like sun burn but like a cold sun burn...anyway, This face wash was not only gentle, but it was one of the key components in restoring my skin. It was gentle enough to wash away all the impurities without stripping all my much needed oils. This face cleanser is also one that I can use without fear of another eczema out break or severe allergic reaction. The complete natural and essential ingredients can be felt. I'll be using this for years to come! God bless this company! –Reisa

Gentle and effective For me and my skin, it works amazingly. My face has never looked better, and I’ve only been using it a few weeks. While I was on vacation, I slacked a little and didn’t use it regularly and I started to see the skin I was used to come back. After my vacation, I started using it daily again and my skin is already looking a lot better again. The resulting feeling is clean, non-oily skin that doesn’t feel dry or overly tight. It’s just a great, natural, clean feeling face. I only use it in the evenings as recommended by MMT, and follow it up with the toner and face oil. –Eric

BEST ACNE OIL MIX LOVE THIS! First time user of this line. I use the oil as an overnight treatment as well. I wash as directed on the bottle and then put a thin layer over trouble areas. By morning, acne is significantly smaller and most times almost gone! Will be buying more! Works on chest and back for overnight treatment as well! –Stacey

Super Soft Skin I've been struggling to control hormonal outbreaks for about a year now, and after trying what seems like EVERYTHING (from Proactiv, to Cetaphil, to some other natural cleansers), I finally found what my skin needed in Meow Meow Tweet skin care. I use the cleanser + toner + face oil combo in the morning and at night. Not only did it get rid of my breakout in a matter of 5 days, but it also got rid of some blackheads and hard-to-get-rid of pimples I've been battling for a few months. On top of that, my skin is extra soft and smooth, and it has more of a glow to it. For reference, I have combination skin (which gets very dry in the winter, and then very oily in the summer) with hormonal/stress breakouts. Thanks for these wonderful products - I'm a convert! –Sam

Fantastic facial cleanser! I have reactions and am allergic to a lot of bath and body products, so I was very excited to try something is also vegan and cruelty-free. It doesn't take much of the cleanser to get your face nice and clean. It has a bright, earthy scent and I have NO reaction since using it. I'm so glad I discovered Meow Meow Tweet! –Amy

Fanastic I am officially addicted to this facial cleanser! It cleans my face without stripping it of its natural oils and it smells so fantastic. My skin has improved since using this cleanser and looks much more radiant and healthy. I have oily and dry skin so its great to find a product with such a perfect balance. –Mckenzie

perfect face cleanser I love this new face cleanser from MMT. It is exactly everything I want in a face cleanser. In the morning, I use it on its own without toning and moisturizing when I want my face to feel a little lighter under makeup. In the evening, I use it and follow with the geranium basil toner and face oil. I wake up with super soft skin. It has been a dream for my skin that still has hormonal and stress breakouts but has started to age a little and needs some extra TLC. It's a perfect balance between oil cleansing and a regular old sudsy cleanser, with just a tiny bit of castille soap added to the oil mixture. It also smells totally amazing. –Kate