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Earth Essence Shampoo is made from a blend of essential oils and French clays that detoxify the hair for a fuller, more voluminous look and feel. Perfect for normal to oily hair types.

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Earth Essence Shampoo is a blend of organic essential oils, French clays, and botanical proteins that detoxify and revitalize the hair and scalp. With montmorillonite clay powder, this sulfate free shampoo is ideal those with a normal to oily scalps, by helping to absorb excess oil and leaving your hair looking thicker and fuller with continued use.

This natural and organic shampoo is raw and brimming with the purest, wild-harvested ingredients. as it represents the element of Earth. Rotating all 5 shampoos is recommended for best results.

Morrocco Method natural and organic shampoos are raw, vegan, paleo, sulfate free (non-foaming), gluten free.



Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Aqua (Water), Saponins (Green Tea), Acetic Acid (Raw Apple Cider Vinegar), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Leaf Extract, Montmorillonite, Xanthan Gum, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Linum Usitatissimum (Flax) Seed Oil, Opuntia Ficus-Indica (Prickly Pear) Extract, Phenylpropanol, Salicylic Acid (White Willow), Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Leaf Oil, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil, Cymbopogon Martini (Palmarosa) Oil, Myristica Fragrans (Nutmeg) Kernel Oil, Maris Sal (Sea Salt), Citrus Aurantium Amara Fruit Extract, Citrus Sinensis Peel Extract, Citrus Reticulata Fruit Extracts, Lactic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid


Perfect shampooing requires washing twice. The first wash loosens dust, dead skin cells, and excess oils from the hair and scalp while flushing most of it from your hair. The second wash allows the ingredients of the shampoo to reach the scalp, and to nourish the hair using a longer scalp massage.


This shampoo is super concentrated, dilute it 1:1 with water for easier application.


Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage lightly to hair and scalp. It won't lather. Rinse.


Apply shampoo again, massage longer to stimulate blood flow to scalp and hair. Rinse again. Follow with Morrocco Method Conditioner for added hydration .

Earth Essence Shampoo Earth • For Normal to Oily Hair & Scalp Natural clays like kaolin and montmorillonite detoxify hair and scalp of toxins and excess oils while rejuvenating the strands. Leaves hair full and lustrous.

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Awesome products! I love all the Morrocco Method products! Earth Essence is a great shampoo the cleans gently. –CJ

If You Like Being in the Forest, You Will Love Their Products When I first found out that I was allergic to the High End Shampoos and Conditioners, I joined a few Facebook Groups for the products I was allergic to. I am thankful, the administrator was so knowable because she wes the one who pointed me in your direction. I love the Sea Essence Shampoo - the fragrance is so refreshing and reminds me of walking in the Forest. I also love the Earth Essence - great fragrene. Without your company, I would have been lost. Thank You –Becky

Earth Essence Shampoo I love all the mud shampoos! I rotate Earth Essence with all the other shampoos. I especially like this one because my hair now leans very slightly towards oily and Earth essence targets oily hair. Before using Morrocco Method my hair was dry and I was always trying to moisturize my hair with conditioners but to no avail. Now my hair feels amazing ly soft & perfect without any conditioners by just rotating the shampoos. My hairdresser is so amazed and said this is the healthiest my hair has ever felt. She commented she has never had a client who has stuck with a no suds shampoo as long as I have without quitting. I've been using Morrocco Method for 9 months now. I will never go back. Another huge side benefit from using these shampoos is no more itchy scalp! Yeah! –Diane

Great after euro oil I switched to mm products about a year ago. After going through the detox period my hair was totally transformed. I love everything from mm. I cannot imagine putting anything else on my hair. I love all the shampoos and rotate between them as advised. I love, love the smell. I prefer earth essence after oiling my hair. But, they all work. Great pr oducts. –Rula

I Love This Stuff Nice Earthy Smell, Great For Hair, Face and Body and Shaving As Well! Will Purchase More!!!! –Jennifer

Earth Essence Good to use real natural product –Kathy

Healthy hair I started using MM about 5 months ago by using henna to dye my hair. I was tired of how chemical dyes would leave my hair looking dull and damaged. I loved it and wanted to give it the best care so I ordered the lunar chart with blunt scissors and the samples. I fell in love and have used MM for my hair ever since. Then I tried the face scrub, it leaves my face clean and nourished, so I also ordered the body scrub with the saw results. I won't go back to chemically loafed shampoos. –Rebecca

My hair is actually healthy for the first time in years!!! I decided to give Morocco Method a try after experiencing dry, brittle, over processed hair. I have tried the no poo method with dismal results. However, I knew there must be an all natural shampoo out there that really cleans and nourishes the hair. Earth Essence Shampoo makes my hair feel amazing. It cleans without stripping all of the natural o ils away. My hair is no longer tangled and I dknt even need conditioner. I am so thrilled to have found an all natural haircare line that does what it says! –Sarah

I love the Earth Shampoo for thickening hair. I previously could not use it, since the patchouli smell in it aggravated the migraines that I get. However, with other things that I have been doing to address my health, I am happy to say I can now use it and my husband loves the smell! I rotate through all 5 shampoos with and I can see the differenc e when I use the Earth shampoo. It thickens and brightens my hair. It's best to rotate, but I love when it's time to use Earth! Thanks for great products that revolutionized my hair (& health) care! –Adelaide

Never Disappointed As a whole, my hair and skin has always been very sensitive to soaps... after trying Morrocco method, I will never go back to traditional shampoos/conditioners. After eliminating traditional soaps filled with synthetic fragrances and chemicals, I saw an amazing improvement in my skin and thought I'd follow suit with my shampoos. It wasn't a week a fter purchase before the sores on my scalp began to disappeared. I also noticed immediately that my scalp just felt good. It's hard to explain, mostly because I didn't realize how horribly dried out and in pain my scalp was until I eliminated the problem. For those with excessively dry skin/eczema issues, these products are worth the investment. –Ashley

Great Shampoo I use this shampoo along with the travel size. I wanted to try them out before making a final decision. I really like these shampoos. I wasn't to sure during the detox period, but now they have cleared up my dry scalp. I dilute quite a bit, comb the shampoo through my hair in the shower , then let it set. I don't need a conditioner with these sham poos. –Jennifer

Best Shampoo This is the best shampoo ever for hair. I use the Earth, Fire, and Air shampoos. I rotate them and sometime mix them together. So happy with the results. –Ayesha

Shiny Hair I have used Earth Essence Shampoo for a while now, and have gotten compliments because my hair is so shiny. –Claudia

All products All of the products are so amazing! I have tried most of them and they all really work. It took a few months to detox and my hair felt gross but now my hair is softer than it has ever been and it's finally growing. So glad I found these products cuz it's life changing. –Robyn