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The RARE INDIGO Beauty Balm



The Rare Indigo beauty balm is an art and science of skincare. This sultry violet-blue balm is supercharged with botanical actives to assist in calming inflammation, acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, and other skin irritations to promote a more radiant, youthful complexion.

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This radically-different soothing renewal treatment is bursting with formidable anti-inflammatory phytonutrient infusion, collagen-fostering vitamin C ester, high-content of antioxidants and replenishing essential fatty-acids to lower oxidation damage in stressed tissue, allowing the skin to be hydrated, nourished and youthful. The Rare Indigo beauty balm is supercharged with clinically-tested rare extract of the indigo plant and potent anti-inflammatory, chamazulene-rich actives, making this skin-renewing balm an opulent skin treat.

From the royal color of the violet-blue indigo, to the tantalizing aroma of the luxurious essential oils, the balm is formulated to thoroughly indulge and pamper your skin and spirit. Being centered, being calm, being sensual all day long -that is The Rare Indigo.

Aroma: Crisp with vanilla-sweet undertones, highlighted with refined florals of rose, helichrysum, ylang ylang, chamomile and iris. The Rare Indigo offers a sophisticated aromatic experience that envelopes your senses as you open your jar. It swirls around your nose like a refreshing night-air, only to dissipate, leaving you relaxed, and renewed. (1 fl. oz / 30 ml.)

The RARE INDIGO helps to:

• deliver youth-enhancing hydration and optimal moisture balance for a healthy complexion

• calm inflammations, acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and other skin irritations

• lower oxidation damage in stressed tissue

• promote skin's natural healing abilities

• restore elasticity to dull, prematurely aging skin, fade wrinkles, age spots and reduce puffiness

• empower long-term skin health


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


cannabis sativa (hemp seed) oil*, astrocaryum murmuru butter*, orbignya oleifera (babassu) butter*, sclerocarya birrea (virgin marula) oil*, vitis vinifera (grape seed) oil*, camellia japonica (thea seed) oil*, aleurites moloccans (kukui) oil*, euterpe oleracea (acai) oil*, in-house biodynamic proprietary infusion (astragalus, chamomile, comfrey, gromwell, hibiscus, indigo)*, polygonum tinctorium (indigo) extract, achillea millefolium (yarrow) oil*, matricaria chamomile (chamomile) oil*, helichrysum italicum (immortelle) oil*, cananga odorata (ylang ylang) oil*, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot fcf) oil*^, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil*, boswellia frereana (frankincense) oil*, rosa damascena (rose) oil*, ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), daucus carota (carrot seed) CO2 extract*, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (vitamin C ester), non-gmo mixed tocopherols, vanilla planifolia (vanilla) oil, rosmarinus officials (rosemary antioxidant) CO2 extract, iris pallida (orris butter) oil

Hand blended in small batches by MAHALO Skin Care in Hawaii, USA

*clean ingredients: organic + local and/or wild harvested (when available)

^Bergamot fcf is free from bergapten, it has no photosensitizing effects

Stored in a glass jar wrapped in a renewable bamboo to preserve the vitality of the ingredients and provide an eco-luxurious skin care experience.

Your MAHALO Moment, the ritual

• Cleanse with The UNVEIL—am and pm

• Smooth 1/2 or 1/3 pea size of balm between your palms and fingertips, then gently rub them together to melt and activate the balm

• Press palms firmly all over damp face for 40-60 seconds. Massage if desired, being gentle not to stretch the skin

• Pat an extra drop under eyes to soften wrinkles, scars, soothe puffiness and dark circles

• Allow to penetrate for 5 -10 minutes before applying sunscreen and/or make-up

For best results apply over wet/damp skin, to allow for maximum absorption of the oils

The Rare Indigo beauty balm has a uniquely-soft and creamy consistency which differs from our Mahalo Balm or other balms on the market that are generally solid in room temperature. The suggestion of "a little goes a long way" is most appropriate, as a drop of this concentrated potion is all you need to nourish your thirsty complexion.

* For an extra boost of nourishment layer over, or mix with The Vitality Elixir facial serum

Skin type: ALL. Best for normal to oily skins and especially those concerned with signs of aging, wrinkles, age spots, acne, irritations, eczema, dermatitis, dryness and more.


Q: How long will the 30ml jar last?

A: With daily use, morning and/or night, it will last you approximately 4-6 months

Q: I have received my Rare Indigo in the mail, and it looks liquid. Has it gone bad?

A: It is completely normal for the Rare Indigo to melt in temperatures over 85F, and in no way alter's its efficacy. Simply place the balm in the fridge for 1-2 hrs for the butters and oils to solidify, and enjoy.

Q: How do I store the Rare Indigo?

A: It is important to store ALL Mahalo products, including the Rare Indigo, in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend keeping them in the bathroom, as the humidity and warm temperatures will cause to serum to lose it's potency faster. In the hot summer months you may wish to store the Rare Indigo in the crisper of your refrigerator.

Q: Oils break me out, I am afraid that the Rare Indigo will do the same.

A: The formula of the Rare Indigo contains only the non-comedogenic ingredients, the ingredients that do not to block pores. If you are new to using oils/balms on your skin, we recommend to begin with 1/3 pea size. Apply over wet/damp skin, so to allow for increased hydration and moisture balance of your skin.

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My absolute favorite!! I am on my fourth jar of the Rare Indigo, and I cannot say enough great things about this product!!! Trust me when I say it is worth every penny!! –Cassie S.

Beautiful on my Skin My skin gets red and irritated from time to time. Plus, I get adult acne along my chin. This balm helps to soothe and revitalize my skin. The balm is light and absorbs easily into my skin. It helps calm my irritated areas and adds a healthy glow to the rest of my face. –Freya O.

The best. I have been staying away from department store beauty products. Much too artificial for me. Found this company from Laurentina when she reviewed the rose petal mask. Bought the balm and blue indigo. I put the balm on my hand and wherever I feel like. I put the blue indigo on where I have sun spots and dark marks. The sun spots have really diminish ed in pigmentation. Yesterday I started putting it beneath my eye. Big fat brown pigmentation. Smells wonderful. Feels natural. Doesn't have all those chemically produce ingredients from the brand names. I have bought face oil. This is different than face oils. I use it everywhere I want. –Susan

Fabulous Line! I took a leap and purchased the entire line. I have no regrets. Everything is amazing and this is coming from someone who was never into organic anything. I actually look forward to washing and caring for my face morning and night and I have never been like that before. I am 44 and have been proactive about skincare since my twenties. Not necessar ily washing my face every night as I should, but religiously wearing sunscreen 365 days a year. I wish I had this line back then. I can only imagine how amazing my skin would be because of it. I love the entire line, but my favorites that I use daily are Rare Indigo, The Balm, The Bean, The Petal and The Unveil (that's almost the entire line!). Thank you for such amazing skin care. –Christina R.

My new addiction!! This balm is really amazing! I've recently been converting from dermatologist products to more natural skincare. I did not expect such immediate results. My normal level of redness faded immediately and my face glowed. It goes on light considering it's a balm but keeps my skin more moisturized than any other product and I've tried a ton. The scent is very light and it does not look greasy. I put foundation/sunscreen right over with no issue. I can't wait to try more Mahalo products! –Leonora G.

Love! Aloha! I love the elixir and rare indigo balm. It was like night and day for my skin. I have combo skin with an oily t-zone and dry everywhere else. I will be buying more and I am recommending them to my friends and family. Giving them small samples of mine. Keep up the good work. Ruby T.

Indigo Balm Very softening, and REALLY smoothing! I see a distinct difference in the texture o my skin and the incidence of smaller lines and wrinkles, especially around my mouth and chin. This is worth the price, and I can see that it will last longer than I though originally. THANK YOU for a superb product! –Patty M.

The Best Products on Earth The RARE indigo is the absolute best organic product on earth. It has truly transformed by skin and made me look and feel younger. –Kathy B.

Rare Indigo Balm This is my all time favorite balm! It works so beautifully on my hormonal, acne prone sentice skin! The formulation is just perfection and does exactly what it states in the description. Absorbs well, applying to wet/damp skin and gently pressed into skin. I like to mix it with Vitality Elixir or for extra moisture in dry areas, I mix 1/3 pea size with a spray of toner in my palm and then gently massage into dry areas. I highly highly recommend. I always struggled with balms because they would leave my skin oily looking and not absorb well until I started using Rare. Skin has not felt and looked better in a long time! I have not been disappointed with any Mahalo products. Quite an exquisite line!! –HAPPYWITHMAHALO

Great results and experience The Rare Blue Indigo beauty balm has a beautiful calming scent.It has a texture like no other skincaresince the ingredients are so different from any other skincare I tried.You actually feel your skin easily absorbing it leaving behind a natural youthful sheen that I find myself not wanting to cover my skin with foundation.Also I have broken capil laries on my cheeks and I find them less evident by half.That tells me that the balm is an anti inflammatory.I finally found clean skincare that actually makes my skin healthy and no need for foundation.I can't believe it.Worth every penny.Thank-you Mahalo –Lynn B

Best products I've ever used I'm 27 and have PCOS and have been battling hormonal jaw acne every month for as long as I can remember. I follow a 99% organic, plant-based diet and almost fixed it... but it's would always flare up every month no matter what. Not until I discovered Mahalo. This stuff is everything I need to keep my acne in check. My skin is silky smoo th and hydrated and I get so many compliments. I flare up the tiniest amount per month, but it's usually just 2-3 small little marks (instead of the forest of boils and pocks I was used to). The price is premium... but for premium products. I will support Mahalo for as long as I can! –Samantha B.

Changed my life The rare indigo balm is my first introduction to Mahalo. I had been using another brand, which is commercial, for five years and all of a sudden, I started developing breakouts. After heavy research, I suspected parabens might be the culprit, as I have sensitive skin, so I went on the prowl for all-natural skincare, and after extensive digging, fi nally decided upon Mahalo. It was the unique ingredients that captured my attention. I like that shea/cocoa/coconut butter are not used, which can clog pores. Within a single day of trying the rare indigo balm, my skin has transformed. Random breakouts gone. Scars diminishing. This GLOW. And intense feeling of hydration. A lovely, slightly medicinal scent too, that reminds me immediately of a spa treatment. I concur with everyone regarding how a little goes a long way, the ease of absorption, and just the overall miraculous nature of this product. I was skeptical of all the positive feedback, and now I am in awe, and eager to explore the rest of the line. Thank you for making such wonderful products available. –Katie

I have now tried almost all of the products in this line and love them all. I recently received the Love+ collection and WOW it's awesome. Combining the toner and serum into an emulsion is perfection. My favorite items are Vitality Elixir, Petal Mask, Mahalo Balm and the new Love+ collection. I live in San Diego, which can be very dry and even tho ugh I drink tons of water, these products help keep my skin so well moisturized that my fine lines aren't as noticeable :-) Know that a little goes a long way because they are so concentrated and they will last a LONG time. I use Rare Indigo almost daily since Oct and have 2/3 of the container left. –Katherine L.

Wonder Balm I feel compelled to write this review. My face was burned 16 months ago when I received a face peel from a top of the line "Epi___" product . I tired every thing to correct the damaged skin; prescribed Medication included . Nothing worked ... it would leave and return a couple days later. I have used The Rare Indigo for 6 days ... and my skin look s new! As if the burn never happened .. no redness, no flaking skin, no burning ...this is truly unbelievable. It really does what it says. I am so happy I found this skin care line. I have already ordered the Love Collection ... –Louvenia C.

This stuff is my JAM Alright, so I drooled over this balm for MONTHS. Received a sample size when I purchased the Pele mask and fell absolutely head over heels in love with it. I used that sample up until I was scraping off black plastic from the bottom of the sample container. My skin is no stranger to breaking out. I almost always get some lovely spots come that tim e of the month, and this winter, apparently very dry. Once that sample ran out, I didn't hesitate to buy the full size. While pricey, it was worth it. My skin drinks this stuff in and it adds as an extra primer when I go to put makeup on (I put primer on too though!), and helps my skin look supple under my foundation. Seriously, I'd bathe in this stuff if I could. Its my favorite and I'm going to use it for forever. –Courtney

A Rare "Indigo" Find I had never used a balm as a moisturizer before but compared to another popular brand I sampled prior to this, the Rare Indigo Balm was lightweight and less heavy on my skin. It immediately calmed and soothed my skin, smoothing the puffiness under my eyes. It also helps control my rosacea/acne. It has an earthy herbal scent that feels comforting a nd healing. Mahalo! –Julie I.