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The UNVEIL Cleanser Melt Concentrate



A luxurious, no-cloth-required oil cleanse, elevated. The UNVEIL is an ideal balm-to-milk cleansing formula that sinks luxuriously into skin to effectively dissolve makeup and daily impurities, unveiling soft and glowing complexion.

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The UNVEIL cleanser is the first step in your beauty rituals. The silky synergy of biocompatible oils, active anti-inflammatory phytonutrient infusion and antioxidant-rich enzymes create a gentle, yet effective thorough cleanse to exfoliate, soften and smooth, while leaving the moisture barrier of the skin intact and balanced. The UNVEIL cleanser is especially beneficial for nutrient deficient, congested and environmentally stressed skins. (1.7 fl. oz / 50 ml.)

Experience: Creamy, soft and delicate, green-tea colored 100% water-free concentrated cleansing complex. Melts upon contact with skin. Will not clog pores.

Aroma: Fresh and crisp scent of lemon, rounded with notes of exotic fragonia, ginger, cardamom and pink peppercorn. Hints of warm cocoa create a gourmand calming aromatherapy experience.

Ideal Dose: Depending on the needs of your skin. A pearl-size dollop for a regular day makeup removal, or a half pea-size scoop for a thin veil of gentle and soothing cleanse.


• deeply cleanse skin and lift pollution, dirt & impurities

• remove foundation & makeup with no residue or irritation

• clear imbalanced oil and toxin build-up

• gently exfoliate & soften skin with natural fruit enzymes

• tone and reset skin's natural healing ability


The UNVEIL Cleanser Melt Concentrate is a balm, a milk, a makeup remover and an oil cleanser in one. It's complex of rich oils and butters creates an exquisitely soft, rich but light texture that glides on skin like a smooth silk, loosening dead skin cells, environmental pollutants and makeup. With each circle of massage of this water-free formula you will notice it absorb the dirt and effectively cleanse clogged pores.

Sebum-balancing, moisturizing and antioxidant-rich oils in The UNVEIL Cleanser are comprised of long-chain molecules, offering a deeper cleanse, leaving the skin satin-soft. The bespoke blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils featuring Lemon, Fragonia, Ginger, Pink Peppercorn, and Cardamom help to ease stress and nervous tension as you inhale the aromatics during your cleansing ritual. Unveil your beauty!


Green Tea (matcha) -this delicacy of highest grade green tea boasts a well documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of flavonoid phytochemicals called polyphenols, and has been prized for centuries for boosting collagen, firming and brightening skin. Rich in antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, green tea helps to stimulate skin regeneration. Clinical studies shown that topical formulations containing green tea reduce effects of sun damage by suppressing free radicals and reducing inflammation

Papaya -the papain enzyme naturally softens the skin and increases cellular renewal. It offers wonderful antioxidant properties with it's unique combination of hydrocarbons, acids and carotene. It's two active phytochemicals alpha-linolenic acid and caryophyllene add a potent anti-inflammatory boost, making this enzyme vital for nutrient deficient complexions

Fragonia -contains powerful anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and immune system stimulating agents

Willow -helps to gently exfoliate and clean the pores from the inside, removing build-up of oil, pollutants, sweat, dirt, blood and other toxins. Nature's salicylic acid, it exfoliates without irritation or sensitivity

Avocado -rich in Vitamins A, B, G and E which makes it a wonderful moisturizing treatment for dry and damaged skin

Macadamia -offering a near-identical sebum profile, it is rich in fatty acids and cortisone-like protective phytosterols that help to regenerate, and boost hydration

Sunflower oil -helps to clear pores, balance oil production and offer potent moisture boost with it's ideal fatty acid composition that offers exquisite skin softening


Q: How long will the 50ml jar last?

A: With daily use, morning and/or night, it will last you approximately 50-60 uses

Q: I have received my The UNVEIL Cleanser in the mail, and it looks liquid. Has it gone bad?

A: It is completely normal for The UNVEIL Cleanser to melt/soften in temperatures over 85F, and in no way alters its efficacy. Simply place the balm in the fridge for 1-2 hrs for the butters and oils to solidify, and enjoy.

Q: How do I store The UNVEIL Cleanser?

A: It is important to store ALL Mahalo products, including The UNVEIL Cleanser, in a cool, dry place. We do not recommend keeping them in the bathroom, as the humidity and warm temperatures will cause the cleanser to weaken it's efficacy.

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


prunus amygdalus dulci (sweet almond) oil and in-house phytonutrient infusion* [medicago sativa (alfalfa), arnica montana (arnica), calendula officinalis (calendula), symphytum officinale (comfrey), centella asiatica (gotu kola), ocimum sanctum (holy basil tulsi), azadirachta indica (neem), scutellaria lateriflora (skullcap)], persea gratissima (avocado) butter*, macadamia integrifolia (macadamia) oil*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil*, jojoba esters, mangifera indica (mango) butter*, theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter*, astrocaryum murmuru butter*, theobroma grandiflorum (cupuacu) butter*, argania spinosa (argan) oil*, cera alba (beeswax)*, ricinus communis (castor bean) oil*, cetearyl olivate (and) sorbitan olivate, non-gmo mixed tocopherols, salix alba L. (willow) bark*, plukenetia volubilis (sacha inchi) oil*, coco glucoside, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf*, calophyllum inophyllum (Polynesian tamanu) oil*, cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seed oil* & papain*, lecithin*, montmorillonite (french green clay), citrus lemon oil*, agonis fragrant (fragonia) oil*, elettaria cardamomum (cardamom) oil*, zingiber officinalis (ginger) oil*, schinus molly (peppercorn) oil*, frankincense sacra oil*, melaleuca quinquenervia (niaouli) oil*, citrus aurantium var. bergamia (bergamot) oil*, commiphora myrrh oil*, rosmarinus officials (rosemary antioxidant) extract*, limonene+, linalool+, zingiberene+, gingerol+

Hand blended in small batches by MAHALO Skin Care in Hawaii, USA

*clean ingredients: organic + local and/or wild harvested (when available)

^lemon oil might have photosensitizing effects, avoid wearing in the sun, best use this product as intended facial cleanser only

+component of essential oil

Stored in a glass jar wrapped in a renewable bamboo to preserve the vitality of the ingredients and provide an eco-luxurious skin care experience.


1) Scoop a pearl-size dollop of the cleanser using clean fingers, or a spoon

2) Gently massage onto dry skin to help loosen makeup and clogged pores. Massaging allows the enzymes to gently exfoliate and helps the skin to absorb nutrients, while stimulating blood and lymph fluids

3) Wet the skin with your palms to emulsify the cleanser. Continue massaging with your fingertips as you rinse

The UNVEIL Cleanser is easily removed with just water. No cloth, or hot towels required. Simply wet your palms and rinse off as you would any regular cleanser.

Skin type: ALL

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Unveil I typically don't like to purchase anything I can't touch, smell or feel so online ordering is difficult for me. On a recent trip to DC, I visited a shop and was happy to find Mahalo. I purchased Unveil, and this is BY FAR my favorite green beauty product. Using Unveil feels like a beautiful, intentional ritual rather than than a routine. My only regret is that I didn't buy any other Mahalo products, but if Unveil is any indication of the quality, I will have no problems ordering from Mahalo online. –E. Deeds

The best cleanser ever! This cleanser is so balanced, it really cleanses the skin but does not leave any dryness or irritation on the skin after. I have a very temperamental and easily irritated skin but this cleanser seems to calm my skin. I use it morning and night and really enjoy how quick and effective the cleansing is with this product. I highly recommend it to any one with sensitive/ acne prone skin! –Nina

The fantastic unveil cleanser So smooth to rub on knowing it is removing all the make up and dirt from my face. The easiest ever face cleanser to use and it leaves your skin so so soft. Highly recommend you try it. –Christine S

Second Jar I first got a 15ml jar from the holiday set. When I used it, I liked it intsantly coz it's really easy to use: removes makeup with only one cleanse, emulsifies nicely, and rinses easily without a washcloth! It lasted me approximately 5 weeks, and during that time, my skin was sooo well-behaved. Calm, doesn't get irritated and blemish free. But then, I was also using other wonderful products from other brands so I can't tell for sure if it was the Unveil Cleanser. Then I ran out of the cleanser and started using another cleanser. My skin health started going downhill. I was planning to finish all my other cleansers before repurchasing the Unveil but after 8 weeks of being without it, my skin was dry, rough and sensitive to anything! I finally gave in and bought a jar. Tonight was my first application and oh my lord, it feels so right, it felt like home! It glided easily on my skin, no stings or discomfort. It emulsified wonderfully and I could feel my dead skin getting sloughed off. After rinsing, my other skincare products absorbed well. I missed this cleanser so so much! It's not the most affordable cleanser, but its so worth it. I'm waiting for a sale or a good deal to come up and I will surely stock up on this and the Petal Mask, coz I miss that mask too! Though my skin could live without it, I still miss the glow that I had while using it. But this Unveil Cleanser I could not live without.

I'll never buy any other cleansers I've been using this product since January and abosolutely adore it. I have mild acne and a oily/dry combo skin, this cleanser has totally evened my skin out, no extra oiliness or dryness. My makeup stays better due to my face being in such good shape. It's cleansing but moisturizing which most cleansers DO not do. I had to go w/o this for two weeks & my skin hated me for it. This is gold in a bottle! Truly works! & it takes my makeup off so no more bad for the environment face wipes! –Bailey W.

Loving memories I started using Mahalo's products for almost 5 months now... I knew right away it was beautiffuly crafted but I found in love with their capacity to heal the body and the soul by allowing us to create beauty rituals... During the last weeks of my father, when he was to sick to stand up, I started using The Unveil to wash away all the pain of the day... I used to take time every night to gently massage it on his face while he was lying down before taking it off with a warm cloth. It was not something he would have done before but he starting enjoying it, smiling with his eyes closed... He always looked more relaxed after our precious moment together... I think I will need the Unveil forever now because its delicate odour is now deeply connected to those memories of love with my dear papa... Thank you Marina –Sarah T.

BEST. CLEANSER. OF. MY. LIFE! Unveil is incredible, words cannot express how overjoyed I am to have it in my routine. I had gotten to the point where I dreaded putting makeup on because it was such a chore to remove it all. Unveil has transformed my routine. It used to take 5 - 10 minutes to make sure my makeup was completely removed and my skin cleansed and hydrated - Unveil makes this all happen in ONE MINUTE. I kid you not. It is wonderful to spend more time cleansing, if I can spare it, but when I come home from a day out and I'm tired, being able to remove makeup and take care of my skin on short time is so wonderful. Worth every single penny, truly. Will not live without this! –Krista

My best morning cleanser I have tried this cleansing blam both times morning and night time. I figured it out that morning is the best time for me to use this cleanser. Removing all moisturizing cream, or overnight mask, and excess oil that laid on my skin all night long. After cleansing, my skin was completely refresh, soft and smooth. This is the sign of healthy and truely balanced skin! –Phawita T.

Great cleanser I've been using the Unveil Cleanser Melt for a little over a month now. I love the silky feel, and it cleans my skin without leaving any dryness. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I had no adverse reaction to this product at all. I will definitely replace it when it's gone. –Tracy P.