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Successful Self-Dentistry, an Ebook by Nadine Artemis



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If you are finding excuses to avoid the dentist's chair. . . if you have been brushing and flossing and still have sensitive teeth and gums. . . if you know the mouth is your portal to peak health and longevity and want to be proactive. . . you are ready for a wonderfully insightful new book, Successful Self-Dentistry, How to Avoid the Dentist Without Ignoring Your Teeth, by Nadine Artemis.


When it comes to our oral health, many of us feel discouraged and without options. We have been taught to take care of our teeth by brushing two or three times a day and flossing at night. If we have bad breath, we just swish our mouths with mouthwash.


But the facts tell us this is not enough: we get cavities, our gums are red and swollen. Our gums may even be bleeding. Our mouths allow us to enjoy life and our oral ecology reflects the overall health of our bodies - our teeth and gums could be much healthier.


Thank-fully, there is a way, if we are up for a fresh approach. Successful Self-Dentistry, How to Avoid the Dentist without Ignoring Your Teeth will give you the information you need to evolve your oral care for the better. This book will inspire you and equip you as you take the journey towards greater health -- in your mouth and throughout your body.


Successful Self-Dentistry, How to Avoid the Dentist without Ignoring Your Teeth gives you successful strategies you can begin implementing immediately, including eight steps to successful oral care.


You will learn there is more to protecting your teeth than avoiding candy and sweets, more to guarding your health than removing mercury fillings, and more to a bright shiny smile than the latest whitener.


Your childhood dentist just didn't know many of the things modern scientists have now revealed. Why stay stuck in an uninformed age? Successful Self-Dentistry, How to Avoid the Dentist without Ignoring Your Teeth will also teach you:


* How to choose a dentist

* What questions to ask your dentist

* How to prepare for your visit

* What helps you deal with bacteria in your mouth

* And, what dental materials to avoid


A chapter on "Oral Care for Children? will help you prevent cavities by encouraging you to address issues behind the decay. It includes insights on nutrition and teeth sealants.


Like many of us, author Nadine Artemis grew up with the belief that we need doctors to take care of our bodies and dentists to take care of our mouth.


"I developed the belief that the mouth is separate from the rest of the body," she explains. "This system of treating symptoms creates a perpetual loop of appointments, medications, surgeries, scrapings, bridges, crowns, and fillings that never reaches the core underlying root causes of the symptoms, all leading to the statistic that 90% of sixty year olds will have 63% of their teeth missing, filled, or decayed."


Artemis is renowned for her revolutionary vision in health care and beauty products. The creator of Living Libations, Artemis has received rave reviews for her products from The New York Times, The National Post, and The Hollywood Reporter. Among her products are potent dental drops used worldwide as well as immune enhancing formulas and medicinal blends for health and wellness.


Her vision enables us to grasp the life-force of flowers, plants, sun, and water as we gravitate towards a healthier, natural lifestyle.


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


This is an Ebook. PDF pages of goodness.

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