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SunDew Transdermal Vitamin D Creme (50ml)



A unique moisturizer that delivers pure botanicals and 2000 IU of Vitamin D per application on face (and over 100,000 IU per jar) to revitalize, hydrate and sustain your skin's healthy glow.

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Let the sun vitamin shine into your skin with SunDew Trandermal Vitamin D Creme. Along with optimal vitamin D intake, topical vitamin D application can create a rejuvenating and quenching effect on skin. SunDew is a unique formula that delivers pure botanicals, potent vitamin D (2000 IU per application on face and over 100,000 IU per jar) to revitalize, hydrate and sustain your skin’s healthy glow.

Our skin has its own form of photosynthesis - converting sunbeams into a healing and regenerative substance, a steroidal hormone precursor, called vitamin D. Skin has the ability to create over 10, 000 IU of vitamin D after 15 minutes of being in the sun at noon and vitamin D is responsible for over 2000 functions to work optimally in the body. Vitamin D3, in the form of calcitriol is a powerful hormone that can activate over 2000 genes in the body. It is import for blood to have optimal levels of vitamin D and what many people may not know is vitamin D is also fundamental for the health, beauty and cellular harmony of your largest organ, the skin. The skin's cellular renewal process is dependent upon vitamin D. There are many factors that can inhibit your body's production of vitamin D including, geographic latitude, seasons and use of synthetic sunscreen. Letting the sun shine in is a beautiful thing, yet too much time in the sun can create burns.

Everything that is applied to the body is absorbed by the body, this is to our advantage when we apply pure ingredients that can nourish the skin and body. Our Sundew Vitamin D Crème is an excellent way to get vitamin D transdermally. In addition, with a topical application of vitamin the D is absorbed into the skin, rather than being processed by the digestive system and liver, directly nourishing your skin's suppleness and healthy glow. Vitamin D plays a vital role in skin cell development and repair, as well as revitalizing your skin's immune system and helping to eliminate free radicals that can cause premature aging.

50ml in violet glass jar

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Rosewater, Rosehips, Aloe vera, Jojoba herbal infusions of Horsetail, Nettles, Marshmallow, Seabuckthorn; Vitamin D3; Rosewax; Sandalwood, Turmeric, Ginger, Immortelle, Frankincense, Lavender, Rose otto, Palmarosa & Thyme linalool; Rosemary & Sage antioxidants.

Apply to the face & neck after cleansing morning and/or night.

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Another brilliant product. I know this is a new product, but it is a brilliant one to have, especially for those of us who are not outside enough. This is a supplement and a beauty product all at once...I love how Living Libations advises us not to be afraid of the sun and emphasizes the importance of vitamin D and healthy sun exposure. I have slowly been getting away from sunblock and using more antioxidant foods, products like everyone loves the sunshine, and my skin is in better shape and I feel better. I have to thank everyone at Living Libations for really doing their research about what is best for the body...these are not just beauty products, these are products that speak to a much higher level of health and consciousness. Better skin is just the result of better health on every level. -Elle

Once again...absolute blissful perfection. Just a dab does me perfectly under some ELS with zinc! -Danielle