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Yogi Tooth Serum (5ml)



Potent extracts of neem, cinnamon, clove, mastic, cayenne and cardamom keep your mouth extremely fresh and clean. Massage into gums, and glide over dental floss to cleanse in between the teeth.

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Yogi Tooth Serum is a potent combination of organic neem, cinnamon, clove, mastic, cayenne and cardamom keep your mouth extremely fresh and clean. These ancient Vedic botanicals, are the yogi secret anti-bacterial, anti-viral anti-fungal agents for oral care. Neem alkalizes the gums and mouth. Neem is arista in Sanskrit, a word that means: perfect, complete and imperishable. Neem has been used in India and other Southeast Asian countries for thousands of years in agriculture, food storage, and as a cure-all. Many research studies show that Neem is, fungicidal and antibacterial. Add one drop to toothbrush, and mouth rinse. This serum may also be massaged into gums, and always glide a drop over dental floss to cleanse those tiny spaces in between the teeth. Yogi Tooth Serum is excellent to use with our Neem Enamelizer and Truth Tooth Polish. Avoid while pregnant.

Genuine essential oils address the circumstances that lead to a compromised immune system, including unwanted bacteria, viral loads, chronic inflammation, and a congested lymph system. The use of genuine essential oils originated as a medical therapy based on the pharmacological benefits of essential plant extracts. Essential oils and supercritical extracts are the key to our Living Libations formulas. They are highly concentrated, and with some of our botanicals, a whole plant is required to create only one drop of oil. The distinctive lipid-soluble structure of essential oils allow them to penetrate the lipid matrix of the gums and benefit the immune system. They send nutrients to the blood vessels and molecules, and reach the dentine, nerves, and roots of the teeth. They get the circulation and the lymph system going. Elements such as mastic in the Yogi Tooth Serum help to regenerate gum tissue. Essential oils are also potent in oxygen radical absorption capacity, or ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), and have been found to be among some of the most powerful antioxidants. Clove and cinnamon are very high in ORAC capability, and have impressive properties for eliminating bacteria. In addition to which the mosaic effect of the combined botanicals creates an effect of thousands of plant compounds. Some plant compounds will reduce inflammation, while others will have an antibacterial effect, and others an antiseptic one. Many essential oils combine all of these compounds.

Essential oils are extremely potent, often hundreds of times stronger than the herbal extraction of the same plant. Each oil has hundreds of botanical chemical components that work synergistically. Genuine distillations of plants, flowers, seeds, roots, and trees have been used medicinally for centuries. Each one of the botanical species in these formulas is carefully selected by Nadine Artemis for their individual and synergistic effects that improve and maintain gum and oral health. The combination of antiseptic, astringent, circulatory and analgesic botanicals create optimal molecular activity.

Yogi Tooth Serum is made potent extracts of organic neem, cinnamon, clove, cayenne, mastic, and cardamom to provide oral care support. This combination of ancient Vedic botanicals, Yogi Tooth Serum, is the yogi secret of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal oral care.

Essential oils in their unique nature are all antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral to varying degrees. In the book Beyond Antibiotics, Michael Schmidt devotes an entire chapter to the antimicrobial efficacy of essential oils, and states, “One of the advantages essential oils have over antibiotics is that bacteria do not develop resistance to essential oils. Many essential oils exert their antibacterial effect by interfering with the bacteria’s ability to breathe. On the other hand, antibiotics interfere with the life cycle, or metabolism of, bacteria, but since bacteria are very crafty creatures, they change their chemistry and genes, which makes the antibiotic less effective the next time it is used. As a result, new generations of antibiotics will need to be developed to stay ahead of these organisms. Additionally says Schmidt, “another advantage to essential oils is that some actually stimulate immune function.”

The botanical serums created for the Successful Self-Dentistry protocol are Healthy Gum Drops and Yogi Tooth Serum. Many people have asked us, “What is the difference between the two and which should I use?” The answer is that they have the same effect and the same excellent results, yet they contain different synergies of botanicals. All the ingredients are active and all the ingredients are antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, meaning they can remove unwanted oral bacteria, revivify gum tissue, and enhance the immune system.

Yogi Tooth Serum and Healthy Gum Drops achieve the same results with different botanical selections. They maximize the health of one’s oral ecology by both rejuvenating the gum tissue and increasing blood circulation to the gums and blood vessels of the mouth. The Healthy Gum Dr ps is fresh and minty tasting. The powerful bitters of neem in Yogi Tooth Serum take some people a little getting used to (although the cinnamon and cardamom in the product do help make the neem palatable). That being said, there is no need to get both, although some choose both for variety and alternate between the two. Both serums are great for flossing, brushing, and for keeping gums healthy, which is a major key to oral health. Both formulas are also effective on a deeper level and, while they work wonders at cleaning the teeth and nourishing the gum tissue, they are also beneficial to digestion and the stomach. So, even if you are only focusing on the teeth and gums, the botanicals in these serums are part of an integrated, harmonious system that can also benefit your whole body.

People sometimes ask if it is okay if they happen to swallow any of the oral care serums. The short answer is yes, in the “drop” quantities in which they are used. Essential oils are potent and it is often advised they not be taken internally in any quantity. This is true if the oils are not a genuine authentic distillation. However, when pure distillations of essential oils are taken in small quantities (i.e. by the drop), most are fine (and often beneficial) for internal use. In fact, many essential oils are used by the food and flavor industries. Orange juice is often flavoured with essential oil from oranges, Earl Grey Tea is flavoured with essential oil distilled from bergamot, and many liqueurs, confectionaries, chocolates, and flavour extracts use various essential oils. Essential oils are lipid soluble and, because they have a small molecular size, are able to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin, positively affecting the body through the lymphatic vessels, capillaries, cells, and nerve endings located there.

What Goes on the Skin Goes In Aside from being cautious about what and how much is ingested by swallowing, it is significant to know that everything that is applied to the body, including essential oils, or the manufactured chemicals of perfumes, toothpaste, and synthetic lotions, are also absorbed into the bloodstream, cells, and organs whenever they are applied to the skin, and often to a higher degree than by eating and digesting something. This rate of absorption is even higher inside the mouth and its moist tissues where the skin wall, or epithelium, is only one cell thick. This is especially true if one has bleeding gums where anything in the mouth will have direct access to the bloodstream. We would not want to put anything in, on, or around the body that could not be swallowed. With ingredients, discernment is important.

How these products are different than regular toothpaste and actually nourish the oral ecology: Mouth Math: acid + bacteria = inflammation = plaque = tartar = bleeding = sensitivity = decay = receding gums = exposed dentin = decay = lower immunity for overall health. The middle of the tooth is a pulp cavity and it contains nerve endings and blood vessels. Teeth are "alive" similar to the crystalline calcium make up of coral reefs. The mouth's salvia acts like an oceanic sea of alkalinity. Acidity strips the teeth of enamel making the teeth more vulnerable to bacteria. Unhealthy bacteria are the cause gingivitis, inflammation, periodontitis and decay. Under the gum line is cementum. Cementum keeps the tooth attached to gums and jaw bone held with collagen fibers. These deeply penetrating formulas containing amazing lipophilic properties that facilitate diffusion through the epithelium nourish the cells by promoting circulation to the gum tissue, dentin and blood vessels within our teeth. “Minty fresh” is a marketing promise we all know. Common toothpaste feels refreshing because it contains synthetic mint (menthol) or other flavor by-products such as cinnamon (cinnamaldehyde). These are not the real plant essences; they are synthetic derivatives. Foaming chemicals in your mouth while you are brushing your teeth do not create optimal oral ecology. Regular toothpaste gives an illusion of freshness, yet it does not really remove plaque, it is the brushing that does that. It is best to be minimalist about it and use a dry toothbrush with a dab of salt, baking soda, or a Tooth Serum.

The chemicals used in commercial toothpaste, including many of the brands sold in health food stores, include chemicals that you do not want in your mouth, such as glycerin, which coats the teeth and blocks the saliva from doing its primary job of re-mineralizing the enamel. You will also find calcium carbonate, which is essentially chalk that is not at all good for teeth. Also, what paste would be complete without the detergent and surfactant sodium lauryl sulfate, which makes toothpaste foamy? This known carcinogen breaks down your skin's natural barrier, easily penetrates skin, causing bleeding gums, and allows other chemicals to penetrate by increasing skin permeability approximately 100-fold. Additionally, when combined with other chemicals, it transforms into carcinogenic nitrates and can reside in the body for five days.

Some toothpastes contain propylene glycol, also known as anti-freeze, which is not to be handled without gloves in a lab. Then there’s the FD&C color pigments (including coal tar derivatives that contain heavy metals and accumulate in the body), formaldehyde, Triclosan (a registered pesticide and bio-persistent chemical that destroys fragile aquatic ecosystems), artificial sweeteners, and synthetic isopropyl alcohol. You may also be surprised to learn that ethanol is the primary ingredient in most mouthwashes, even though it is known to cause approximately 36,000 cases of oral disease a year! How is it possible that carcinogens could help keep your mouth healthy? Yet when people find that they have breath or gum problems, one of the first things they do is go out and get a new brand of toothpaste and a big bottle of ethanol-based mouthwash.

Healthy gums provide a natural barrier against the 400-plus microorganisms entering the circulatory system. The epithelium (the very thin skin inside your mouth) is only one cell thick and is designed to keep toxins, bacteria, and infection from entering the body. The soft oral tissues are great at absorbing whatever comes into contact them, with approximately 90% absorption efficiency, the tiniest break or cut in the epithelium (bleeding gums) allows toxins and bacteria to enter the bloodstream quite quickly.

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Pure, undiluted essential oils of neem, cinnamon, clove, mastic, cayenne and cardamom.

Cayenne, Capsicum frutescens. Ours is a super-critical extract with catalytic, antibacterial, antiseptic, and stimulating properties. The capsaicin compound in cayenne is also a topical vasodilator which stimulates blood circulation.

Cardamom, Elettaria cardamomum, is an essential oil that stimulates and tones the digestive tract and has antiseptic properties that stimulate the phagocytic cellular action of the immune system. It is also supportive of the nervous system and helps supplement healthy oral care with its anti-infectious, antibacterial actions.

Cinnamon, Cinnamomum ceylanicum. Our true cinnamon bark essential oil from Madagascar is antiseptic and antibacterial. It stimulates blood circulation to the gums and promotes their health and regeneration. Cinnamon is high in the compounds eugenol and cineol, both of which have potent anesthetic and antiseptic properties that increase the production of white blood cells. According to the work of Drs Franchomme and Pènoel, cinnamon bark oil is effective against 98% of all pathogenic bacteria.[1]

Clove Bud, Eugenia carophyllata, is an analgesic essential oil from the flowering buds of the clove tree with an extremely high ORAC. Clove has relieved toothaches and freshened breath since ancient times. A potent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, clove boosts the immune system and stimulates blood flow with its botanical constituents of eugenol, esters, and sesquiterpenes, all of which combine to create an essence with an impressive action against pathogens and microbes. “It is antiparasitic and helps gum infections, toothaches and tonsillitis.”[2]

Mastic, Pistacia lentiscus, is a type of resin similar to frankincense which comes from the inner sap of the mastic tree and is helpful for maintaining the connective tissue in the oral area. It has a long history of oral care use in ancient Greece and is very good in helping to remove tooth plaque. Mastic contains antioxidants, antifungal, and antibacterial benefits. The major antibacterial components of mastic oil are: ?-Pinene, verbenone, ?-terpineol, linalool, ?-myrcene, ?-pinene, limonene, and ?-caryophyllene[3]. Like all essential oils, the antibacterial efficacy of mastic oil is due to all of its components working synergistically. This resin extract is a potent antiseptic, which inhibits oral bacteria including Helicobacter pylori that creates stomach ulcers. Mastic oil helps to harness the activity of the blood's first-line-of-defense protection: the leukocytes (white blood cells) and the multinucleocytes. This helps to increase the tissue’s defense, especially between the teeth and gums, where gingivitis and plaque occur.

Neem, Azadiracta indica, has pain-relieving compounds that can reduce the discomfort of a toothache. The vasodilatation and anti-inflammatory compounds in neem prevent cell adhesion and kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Neem alkalizes the gums and mouth, and kills the bacteria that cause Pyorrhea and Gingivitis. Neem obliterates the calcium-forming organisms and the organisms that cause cavities. Neem is 'arista,' which in Sanskrit means “perfect, complete, and imperishable.” Neem has been used in Ayurvedic traditions for thousands of years in agriculture, food storage, and medicine. Many research studies prove that neem is fungicidal, miticidal, and antibacterial. Neem oil is an ideal remedy to eliminate periodontal and tooth infection. It can be applied locally around the teeth and gums and also benefits the gastrointestinal tract.

• These concentrates (water and alcohol free) can be added to salt-water for an excellent mouthwash.

• One drop added to a dry tooth brush (good-bye toothpaste)

• One drop added to a dry toothbrush and then dipped in (aluminum-free) baking soda, or salt.

• Massaged into gums, especially areas where the pockets are low and the dentin is exposed.

• One drop to proxa-brushes, sulca-brushes and rubber-tip stimulators

• One drop on tongue-scrappers

• One drop on tongue through the day for fresh breath

• One drop gargled in water for sore throats

• One drop on cankers sores; herpes lesions

• Apply one drop several times a day to any oral wound, laceration, incision to ease pain, *reduce inflammation, keep the incision clean and generate new cells.

• One drop to your string of floss, getting the Gum drops between each and every single tooth is very effective.

Side Benefits:

• Diminished cancer sores

• Eases herpes

• Boosts immune systems and sinuses

• Soothes sore throats

• Keeps toothbrush clean


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I Love Yogi Tooth Truth Serum Review by David Wolfe Save your teeth before it is too late! Throw away your toothpaste and feel great! The yogis knew more than you. They kept their teeth looking brand new. With cinnamon, clove and neem. A bright new smile, fresh and clean. I love Yogi Tooth Truth Serum. :) Have the Best Night Ever!!!! -David Wolfe

Whiter Teeth! I ordered this product and have been fascinated and captivated by it. I love how simple my brushing routine has become and how clean my teeth feel afterwards. I love that I no longer need tooth paste and that my serum is only made up of a few ingredients. Simple living is so fun and beautiful. Also, after using the drops for 3 weeks, I looked in the mirror and noticed my teeth have become whiter! I was not expecting this at all but am so grateful . Whiter teeth has been on my list of things to work on and your product is helping. I feel so amazing and more in touch with nature and the environment by using your wonderful creations. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xo -Michelle

I can’t believe how much better my teeth and mouth feels each time I do this! I love this protocol by the way! I saw it on David’s Longevity conference and I’ve watched it three times to make sure I got the protocol down right. I even printed out the instructions for both of us and I have mine taped on my mirror. I can’t believe how much better my teeth and mouth feels each time I do this. So happy you put this out for everyone’s benefit. I am hoping to heal two tiny cavities – got a bet with my dentist that they will be gone when my dental insurance has some room again in January -Gayle

Amazing! Just wanted to write and thank you for sending out the Yogi Tooth Serum, received several days ago. Also wanted to say that your products are nothing short of AMAZING! You truly are gifted! I have tried many essential oil preparations and had to throw them all away. Your products are effective without being harsh. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do! Thank you for the products you make available. I am anticipating my next order already! -Kathleen

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful product. I received my order yesterday and am grateful to you both for making something like this available to others. -Jenness

Very powerful and effective tooth serum for killing plaque, bacteria, and germs. I take it in my purse everywhere. Great if you have a cold it just kills the germs and bad breath. It's sooo fabulous, won't let anyone kiss me until they share this product. -Michelle Woods

I have a receding gum line and the serum and drops have really helped with the nerve sensitivity. My mouth feels so clean and fresh, I love it. I bought essential oils at my local health food store, but once I tried Living Libations, the quality was a night and day difference. While they are more expensive, a small drop goes a long way. - Danielle

I recently ordered your tooth serum and gum drops - life changing products! And, I have listened to your tooth talks, fabulous too! - Jessica

I LOVE this tooth serum. I no longer use any toothpaste/powder or oils from anywhere else, The Yogi Tooth Serum is in a very high class of it's own. I love it and look forward to cleaning my mouth everyday :) -Adrienne

Thank you so much for this amazing creation, I will never go back to icky toothpaste. I wanted to wait about a week before i reviewed this product but I just could'nt wait. Results are instant, my mouth feels amazing some plaque has already been removed from the bottom front teeth, I got this amazing spicy warm sensation in my mouth and could just really feel it work! I am trying the healthy gum drops tonight with some floss and I just cant wait! :) -Danielle Zavala

Your stuff is AMAZING!!!! I'm just putting one drop of the yogi tooth serum on my tooth brush and my teeth feel so clean. I don't think I'll ever buy toothpaste again! - Susan

I received the Yogi Tooth Serum last night along with the ChocolateKarat Serum. I tried them both and my teeth felt SO clean and fresh... And my face so moisturized and relaxed. -Ellen

I have recently tried your Yogi Teeth products and am very impressed. -Kathy

Right After the Dentist Clean Feel. I just wanted to take time to thank you for creating, and sharing, your Yogi Tooth Serum and Healthy Gums oil. I used them for the first time a few days ago and was instantly hooked! I had that right after the dentist clean feel without the danger or expense of an actual dental visit. I will never, ever, use toothpaste or gel again! You are a wonderful light sent to heal the earth! -Jennifer

Both Tooth Serums are excellent! I can't get over how powerful the combination of neem oil with mastic, cinnamon and clove is and how virulent it is in terms of eliminating bad bacteria. -Rob