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Living Libations

Pink Lady's Slipper Shimmer


Creates an ephemeral look flush with pink, velvety-berry overtones to caress lips and enhance cheeks.

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Harness the pale, perfect pinks of the rising sun, the rosy reflection of a day just begun. Slip on Living Libations Pink Lady's Slipper to shimmer your lips and cheeks with the serene, sparkling tones of the plant kingdom. Remember your rose-colored glasses as you anoint your lovely lips with essential oils and mica minerals. Organic jojoba and happy beeswax dance with essential oils and glittering mica for your prettiest, pinkest, most poetic smile ever.

Living Libations Pink Lady's Slipper Shimmer paints your pout in a raspberry-opalescent natural pink glimmer. Kiss lips and cheeks with a dewy, pink-flush glow reflected in the the luminous petals of the wildflower, Pink Lady's Slipper's stunning show.

Moisturizing dew of organic jojoba is blended with the protective power of happy beeswax and nfused with nourishing essential oils of rose otto, neroli, lavender, seabuckthorn, immortelle, grapefruit, and captivating carrot seed.

But wait! There's more. An herbaceous, sparkling ovation is in store! Reveal the inner shine of lips and cheeks that reflect the heartbeat of nature at its peak. Stone root protects as ancient mica reflects the pale, iridescent wonders of the natural world. Lips glitter and cheeks shine in the petal pink amazement of the eternal Divine.

  • RAW

Jojoba -Organic jojoba nourishes, smooths, softens, and silk-ifies, infusing lips and cheeks with every soluble form of Vitamin E. Jojoba oil is the closest-occurring element to human sebum that has been found in nature. The similarity in composition between jojoba and our skin's natural oils enhances absorption for deep, lasting moisture.

Seabuckthorn -Seabuckthorn berries deeply nourishes and rejuvenates delicate lip tissues. It is said to infuse each skin cell with maximum hydration, replenish dead skin cells, and boost skin's elasticity.

Happy Beeswax -Beeswax forms a porous barrier upon the lips, locking in moisture while facilitating the release of toxins and impurities. Unlike commercial lip balms, which use toxic petroleum to "protect" lips from environmental threats, beeswax is Mother's Nature moisturizing, nourishing barrier against the elements.

Rose Otto -Ravishing Rose otto infuses pretty-pink lips and cheeks with the gentle-yet-powerful nourishment of pure rose. Rose otto is incredibly moisturizing and replenishing for dry lips.

Neroli -Nourishing neroli oil is a balancing citrus dream that gives your lips a wondrous sheen. Neroli is used to regulate moisture levels throughout the skin, and may prevent the onset of cold sores due to its strong antiviral action.

Lavender -Luscious lavender calms, soothes, and smooths your lips into the perfect, pristine pout. Wonderfully anti-inflammatory, lavender hugs sunburned lips in a soothing kiss of relief. When used on the cheeks, lavender may help to clear acne and eczema.

Immortelle -Also known as everlasting, it is a wonderful emollient used to address cracked, dry lips. It is great for preventing infections around mouth sores, and is also said to lock in moisture and reverse drying.

Grapefruit -Grapefruit oil is invigorating, toning, and refreshing. It wakes up happy lips to greet the dawn of a new day, and protects the mouth from bacterial and viral invaders. Grapefruit is emotionally and spiritually uplifting.

Carrot -Queen Anne's Lace anoints the lips and face with endless waves of moisture. Carrot seed oil is an effective emollient with fierce anti-aging properties thanks to its high antioxidant levels.

Stone root -Stone root is a medicinal herb often used as a diuretic. In skincare, it has wonderful astringent and anti-inflammatory action.

Mica* -Mica is a naturally-occurring silicate mineral that gives our Pink Lady's Slipper Lip Shimmer its sheen! Mica glitters and shimmers, reflecting light from your radiant smile and crystalline cheeks. *Not certified organic.

Apply to lips and cheeks as needed for fun, vibrant color with a touch of shimmer.