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Only safe, natural, cruelty-free and effective products are selected for our store.


Everything from our tree-free paper to our corn-based biodegradable packing peanuts are earth friendly.

Making a Difference

A portion of every order is donated to our partnered organizations for a better earth.

Love Notes

Everyone at LEB are True Professionals. I recently received an order with a damaged product. They replied to my email right away and promptly sent me a new container that same day. I was very impressed with her handling of the situation - I only wish that all online retailers were the same. Thank you, Alicia, for your team's outstanding customer service!

I started using these products through another store However, it seemed so difficult to get the items when I needed them I googled the brand and your site came in view. I went on it, read your story, and love what you symbolize. Organic products from food to skin care have always been my mantra as well. The deodorant works amazingly. I use to use the stone many years ago. This is so much easie...

I will take this opportunity to say that I have enormous gratitude for you and Living Earth Beauty. It is such a pleasure to have so many of my favorite products in one place. It makes me smile.

I've been searching and trying "organic skincare" products since the age of 15. And now 10 years later I have never experienced the kind of results I feel I deserve. But thankfully I came across your website. And can I tell you, your website actually makes more sense than anything I've ever read regarding organic products. Again thank you so much for responding. You're awesome!