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Every order over $75 is eligible for our free sample program. When your cart reaches $75 you will automatically receive a $10 credit that you can use towards samples of your choosing. No coupon code necessary! If you're not sure which samples to choose, you can select an option to have us pick them for you. We will choose samples that best compliment the products in your order.

We know some of you know exactly what you like, and don't necessarily want samples. Since we are a waste-free company, we don't want to send samples out that will just be thrown away, so we've also given the option for you to opt-out of receiving samples.

Remember that if you select samples that amount to less than $10 or choose to opt-out, you will not receive the remainder of the credit on your order.

Want more samples? You can purchase as many samples as you'd like on top of your free selections. If your order total is under $75, but you still want to try out a few products, our samples are very well priced and start at only $1. Each sample will have enough for more than one use so you can get familiar with the products effectiveness, smell. color and texture. Each sample you choose should be unique.

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When you sign up for an account at Living Earth Beauty and are logged in durring the time of purchase, for every $1 spent at you will earn 5 Lotus Points which you can save up to redeem for discounts ranging from $5-$20 at a time!

How to earn points:

Spend $1.00 = 5 points (Excluding shipping fees & taxes.) Must be logged in durring time of transaction.

Share a product on Facebook* = 5 points

Review & rate a product* = 50 points

*Max of one points eligible share and review per day.

How to redeem points:

Points are redeemed from the Shopping Cart page only. Located just above the coupon code entry.

Spend 500 points for $5.00 off your order

Spend 1000 points For $10.00 off your order

Spend 1500 points for $15.00 off your order

Spend 2000 points for $20.00 off your order