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Every order at $75 or more is eligible to receive 3 free samples! Once you have reached the order minimum, there will be an link on the shopping cart page to go select your samples. From there you may select 3 unique options, and then you must click the checkout button at the bottom of the page to add the samples to your cart. This button add the items to you cart and then will take you to the cart page. You may continue shopping from that point if you choose. If you do not click the checkout button at the bottom of the samples page, he samples will not be added to your cart or be included in your shipment.

If you do not choose samples at the time of your order is placed, there are no rain checks on receiving more samples on your next order or being shipped separately.

We know some of you don't necessarily want or need samples and since they are very expensive for us to provide and we strive to be as waste-free as possible, we encourage you to only select samples you are genuinely interested in trying and possibly purchasing in the future.


When you sign up for a free account at Living Earth Beauty and are logged in during the time of purchase, for every $1 spent on product you will earn 5 rewards points. You can redeem your points in increments of 500 points each worth $5.00 in discounts.

How to earn points:

• Place an order. Every $1.00 spent = 5 points (Excluding shipping, taxes, and additional order services.)

• Sign up for a FREE account = 200 points

• Follow @livingearthbeauty on Instagram = 200 points

• Celebrate a birthday = 200 points

• Like us on Facebook = 100 points

• Share a product on Facebook = 50 points

How to redeem points:

Points are redeemed from the Yellow Gift Box Icon located at the lower right corner of the screen, or from the Rewards tab on the top navigation menu. Once you click on the Rewards button, a pop up will have you go login (if you aren't already) and then you will need to click on it again once logged in. From there you can redeem your points for the value you are eligible for and it will generate a unique discount code associated with the amount of points your redeeming for you to copy + paste into the discount code field at checkout. When redeeming points, no other discount code can be used on your order.

Redeem 500 points for $5.00 off your order

Redeem 1000 points For $10.00 off your order

Redeem 1500 points for $15.00 off your order

Redeem 2000 points for $20.00 off your order