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What's new at Living Earth Beauty?

There's a lot more than just a fancy new website design! Here's 10 new things going on at LEB:


1. Lower Free Shipping Threshold!

We now offer free standard shipping on domestic orders over $75!

2. Get Rewarded for Shopping with Us!

Now everytime you shop at you'll be rewarded with 5 points for every $1.00 spent!

Save up your points to cash in on discounts ranging from $5-$20 at a time, free expedited shipping, free gifts, and more!

Reach new levels with additional secret rewards! View our samples & rewards page for more info..

3. Free Samples & More!

Every order of $75+ will automatically receive a $10 credit to use on samples of your choosing!

If you're under $75 or want more samples than the limit allows, you're free to purchase as many as you'd like from our sample selection!

Each sample should be unique so you can try a wider range of items. View our sample selection page for more info.

4. #ToxTalk Educational Page

Our new #ToxTalk page is our new educational resource for toxic ingredients to avoid & their effects.

This is an extrmemely important topic to cover and exploit to the public as it is still a widely unkown issue.

You can help us get the word out about toxic cosmetics & personal care products by sharing our social media posts and using our hashtag #ToxTalk.

Together we can make this go viral and ultimately get harmful toxins banned and removed from commonly used products.

5. Animal Testing Education

The only thing that irks us more than the toxic chemicals in everyday products, is cruel and unnecessary animal testing.

Surprisingly, this is also a widely unknown topic that we are fighting to bring light to.

Even many that know about it, don't know what kind of tests are actually performed, or how harmful, inhumane and deadly they actually are.

By bringing forth this topic to the public, we can hopefully demand that animal testing be banned by boycotting brands

that still use these practices and speading the word through social media to encourage others to "vote with their dollar" as well.

Visit our "Animal Testing Education" page for more information.

6. New Return Policy

It has been a while since we updated our policy and we wanted to make it more customer friendly.

Our old policy stated no returns on anything ever, our new policy allows returns of products in original unused condition within 14 days of order arrival.

Have a used product you're not into? Send us an email and we'll see how we can accomodate you.

Check out our Returns page for more detailed information.

7. New Supported Causes

We have some new pretty amazing organizations that we're extremely passionate about on our monthly donations list.

Beagle Freedom Project rescues beagles (and all kinds of other animals) from testing facilities across the globe! Their ultimate mission though is to end animal testing for good.

The Nature Conservancy fights to protect our forests, oceans, deserts & grasslands aroud the world and is working plant a billion trees in the US, Brazil & China by the year 2025!

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics believes in the right to know what is in our personal care products and is fighting to get toxins banned from them.

World Animal Protection helps people change animals lives for the better by influencing decision makers to put animals on a global agenda and end needless animal suffering.

Visit our "Why we're different" page for more information.

8. New Delivery Options

From here on out, you will now have the option to request a signature for delivery and insurance on your order.

What this means is if you do request a signature for delivery, this will ensure proper delivery to you. Additionally, adding insurance to your order will add extra protect on products damaged in transit.

9. Ship On Ice

We know that your skincare products mean a lot to you and protecting them during warmer months is now something we offer for a small fee.

Products that are recommended to ship on ice will say so in their description.

It will be recommended to select this option when the destination temperature is 80º F or higher.

Expedited shipping is recommened when selecting Ship On Ice.

10. Free International Shipping - Coming Soon!

1st Class International qualifying orders over $200 (under 4lbs) will be eligible for free First Class International shipping!

Priority International qualifying orders (over 4lbs) will be eligible for free shipping over $450!