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Living Libations

Fire Lily Shimmer


Anoint lips, cheeks, and brows with the golden sheen of our Fire Lily Lip Shimmer, an elixir just supreme! Nourishing lipids. Neroli and Vanilla lend a euphoric fragrance.

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Living Libations Fire Lily Lip Shimmer is an iridescent highlighting balm for lips, cheeks, and brows. Crushed mica minerals nature's shimmering sensation: sparkles on a sunlit lake, the flutter of a butterfly's wing, the gleam of a freshly picked petal.


Fire Lily Shimmer is free of chemical dyes, pigments, and toxic leads. Happy beeswax locks in moisture while jojoba infuses lips with nourishing lipids. Neroli and vanilla lend a euphoric fragrance while palmarosa and grapefruit lift the spirits. Orange, turmeric, and seabuckthorn soothe and sustain while delivering an infusion of antioxidants for supple skin. Mica and iron oxides give this balm its golden shimmer, naturally bringing out the skin's underlying hues in perfect pinks, reds, and golds.


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Jojoba -Pure, organic jojoba essential oil melts deeply into the skin, nourishing lips with lasting moisture. Jojoba is nature's most awesome emollient thanks to its high levels of Vitamin E and its similarity to the skin's natural sebum. It is easily and effortlessly absorbed by thirsty lips longing for a golden kiss!

Happy Beeswax -Just as Queen Bees are protected by armies of devoted servants, our Happy beeswax guards your precious pout from the elements. Beeswax forms a breathable layer of protection along luscious lips, sealing in moisture while protecting lips from environmental irritants.

Neroli -Euphoric neroli oil lights up the night, awakening your senses and igniting your innermost passions. Complex and seductive, neroli is said to ease anxiety and stress, open the heart chakra, and promote the growth of fresh, healthy skin cells.

Vanilla -Our sweet, rich Madagascar vanilla oil is an ambrosial aroma and a powerful aphrodisiac that is packed with healing antioxidants. It is used to soothe frazzled nerves while igniting the senses, awakening the heart.

Orange Blossom Absolute -This rich, potent absolute is extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, infusing Fire Lily Lip Shimmer with deep, complex, honeyed floral notes.

Palmarosa -Aromas of lemony-rose make sweet love to the nose! Fresh, citrusy-rosy palmarosa oil is used to regenerate skin cells and balance sebum production. With the added benefits of stress reduction and anxiety-busting, your fresh, fragrant pout will be prepped to face life with grace.

Grapefruit - This ruby-wonder makes lips sparkle and shine thanks to its uplifting powers of positivity. It is also said to focus the mind and clarify the skin directly surrounding the lips.

Turmeric -Terrific turmeric is said to have an astounding anti-inflammatory effect on lips and skin. When applied topically, turmeric may activate more than a dozen different anti-inflammatory proteins stored within our skin cells. The result? A perfect pout that's radiant in tone, color, and texture.

Seabuckthorn -Seabuckthorn is a regenerative anti-inflammatory that penetrates the lipid layer of the skin, infusing lips with locked-in moisture. Rich in bioactive compounds and antioxidants, seabuckthorn protects and restores.

Mica Minerals* -Reveal your inner sparkle with magic-infused mica, crushed gemstones that reflect the twinkling lights of a starry night. These iridescent crystallized minerals are what makes our Firefly Lip Shimmer sparkle, shine, and reflect the divine. * Mica is not certified organic.

Iron Oxides* -Iron oxides are naturally-occurring compounds composed of iron and oxygen. When these two dynamic elements come together, they create beautiful shades of pout-worthy pigment in glittering golds, pinks, reds, and sunset orange. Iron oxides give our Fire Lily Lip Shimmer its sheer golden hue without chemical dyes, FD & C pigments, or toxic leads. *Iron oxides are not certified organic. Ingredients

Enhances the natural beauty of your lips, cheeks and brow bones. Apply with tube or fingers and blend naturally into skin.