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Oralive Regenerative Dental Elixir


This elixir is a living paste filled with enzymes, minerals and pro-biotics in the raw, natural state. Inhibits bacteria that causes cavities, gum pain, plaque, gingivitis. Alleviates gum pain & gum bleeding while gently whitening teeth.

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This nutritional dental formula has been designed to help your body naturally detoxify and heal. Taken orally, the natural botanical ingredients are absorbed through the gum mucosa, therefore entering your bloodstream much more directly.

When you place a small dab on your tongue and swish it through your teeth, your saliva naturally activates the elixir's enzymes, unleashing a torrent of regenerative energetic healing vibrations in your mouth.

Many of our clients prefer to use this as a replacement for their toothpaste. However, note that this is purely intended as an energetically enhanced nutritional supplement absorbed through your gums. It contains a unique combination of expensive nutritional supplements that work synergistically to help your body detoxify and heal itself.

This formula is a living paste filled with enzymes, minerals and pro-biotics in the natural state. All of its ingredients have been harvested ethically and sustainably, and it contains nothing synthetic or artificial. Because we are involved in energetic healing, we pay close attention to the vibrations of how things are grown, collected, processed and packaged.

The mixture of natural high energy earth minerals, activated herbal extracts, oxygen, and marine phytoplankton give the elixir its healthy, charcoal earth tone. It is sweet and minty-quite delicious.

This all natural paste is safe to swallow after the initial nutrients are absorbed through the gum mucosa. We pack it full of powerful herbal essential oils and tissue regeneration factors not generally found in any other product. The benefits of the super green botanicals, marine phytoplankton included in the elixir are enough to use this as a dietary supplement.

If you want to save yourself thousands of dollars in dental procedures (and lots of pain), then try Oralive. It is worth it - satisfaction guaranteed. We have several stories of people cancelling their root canals (due to bacterial infection).

In our humble opinion, this is one of the best herbal supplements offered in the world today to help alleviate gum disease pain.


1. Whitens Teeth Oralive has powerful concentrated oxygen designed to eliminate the pain-causing anaerobic bacteria hiding under your gum line. But, as a side benefit can gently remove stains from teeth.

2. Inhibits bacteria that cause cavities, plaque and gingivitis We include powerful anti-microbial essential oils in the elixir that have been proven scientifically to eliminate bacteria in clinical studies (e.g. Oregano Oil, Neem). We receive testimonials with stories of dental hygenists during cleanings commenting on the lack of plaque and gingivitis in the mouth. Most people can simply feel it working.

3. Alleviates Gum Pain and Gum Bleeding This formula is designed to eliminate the cause of gum pain-infection, caused by bacteria and other microbes. We have found that it takes about 5-7 days to remove enough of the populations to start numbing the pain.

If you have severe, unrelenting gum and teeth pain - order our Super gum oil and Extra Strength Oralive. These are very concentrated and packed with pure, extraordinary essential oils and botanicals from the Amazon. We have designed the extra strength remedy to help your body alleviate pain within 24 hrs.

4. Eliminates bad breath The taste of Oralive is fantastic, it has minty energy that just explodes in your mouth. You can use it as a mouthwash during the day, just by simply swishing it between your teeth and swallowing. The volcanic earth minerals absorb bad odors.

  • RAW

Esterified Vitamin C, Camu Camu (natural source of Vitamin C) and Calcium (This rebuilds the gums and bone), Xylitol (inhibits bacteria that cause cavities), Horsehoe Nettle (Contains bioavailable silica necessary for gum regrowth), Brahmi Amla/Folic Acid/CoQ (Tissue Regeneration), Blue Green Algae/Pau D'Arca/Aloe Vera/Noni/Peppermint leaf extracts (all for tissue regeneration), Essential Oils of Neroli, Jasmine, Spikenard, Rose Absolute (bulgaria), Rose Otto, Melissa, Arnica, Licorice, Mint, Turmeric, Holy Basil, Ginger (these are aimed at killing the bacteria that cause mouth disease and decreasing gum inflammation), Marine Phytoplankton, anthaxanthin. In a base of natural magnetic mineral earth from the Eastern Sierra Nevadas, Micronesian Volcanos, Wyoming. This earth has tremendous healing properties and has elements of monatomic silver, gold, rhodium, magnesium. It makes the paste rather chalky and soft.

Place a small dab on your tongue and swish around for about 1 minute. It is important to LET THE NUTRIENTS SOAK IN before swallowing or rinsing. This allows the botanical extracts and essential healing oils to exert maximum effect. At night, we would recommend that you brush before you go to bed -but this time DO NOT RINSE. In fact, we recommend you swallow this raw nutritional supplement! It is filled with natural substances believed to detoxify blood and promote healthy circulation (e.g. CoQ10, Pau d'arca).

You can also carry this around during the day and use it instead of gum or mouthwash! It freshens and cleans your mouth like no other supplement - this elixir contains some of the most exotic and expensive essential oils - Rose Absolute (Bulgaria), Rose Otto (Turkey), Jasmine and Spikenard. These oils are extremely vibrationally potent and anti-microbial. We have taken this combination to a new vibrational level that sets the standard in modern natural gum care.