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Living Libations

Verve Tonic


An undiluted blend of circulation-enhancing essential oils that generate lymphatic flow. Used on its own or in combination with dry brushing, Verve Tonic helps the lymphatic system flow & function at optimum levels.

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Your body burns bright with a million lights! Living Libations Verve Tonic fortifies your flow and venerates your vitality. The reviving essential oils in this rousing elixir quicken and clarify so that you may launch into the play of your day.

Defy your DNA and rebel against sedentary sluggishness; Verve Tonic puts vim and vigor in your step to get things going.

Formerly, Lymph Tonic - new name yet the formula remains the same.

A regimen of exercise, conscious breathing, hot/cold plunges, and proper hydration will go a long way to keep your essential juices flowing in forward motion and your inner fire alight. Dry brushing is a time-tested technique of keeping the humours happy, and it may be the best defense against sluggishness and slowing down.

To unleash the full potential of dry brushing, add 1-2 drops of Verve Tonic to the palm of your hand. Glide the bristles of a dry brush across your palm, saturating each bristle with our essential blend. Begin dry brushing your entire body, starting with the feet and working your way upwards. Remember to always brush in the direction of your heart.


Cypress sempervirens(Cypress), Rosmarinus officinalis(Rosemary), Laurus nobilis (Laurel), Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus), and Achillea millefolium (Yarrow).

Cypress (Cypress sempervirens) Essential Oil -Strong cypress provides structure and clarity. Cypress encourages forward motion, grounds the spirit in practicality, and keeps the juices flowing.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Essential Oil - Rosemary stimulates, clarifies, and refreshes. This is no wallflower; rosemary defies sluggishness of body and mind.

Laurel Leaf (Laurus nobilis) Essential Oil –Venerated for its verve and vigor, this time treasured tonic has anointed many sages as its aroma emanates confidence, nobility, and victory through the ages. The replenishing, restorative virtues of laurel are revealed when considering the tree's symbol of resurrection as the tree immediately regenerates itself after sustaining damage.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) Essential Oil -Eucalyptus gets the fluids flowing. For decades upon decades, this essence has unplugged pathways and inspired inhalations by cleansing and clearing spaces, places, and faces.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Essential Oil -Yarrow yields gem-drops of sapphire blue oil that contains opulent azulene that cools and revitalizes. In traditional Chinese culture, yarrow epitomizes the perfect balance between yin and yang.

Add a few drops to your dry brushing routine. Use in baths, salt pipes and to diffuse. Open the bottle and inhale. Add to a vigorous massage oil. Add drop or two on your wash cloth mixed with Best Skin Ever as an invigorating body wash/moisturizer.