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After The Rain – Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm


Ozonated healing balm for face & body. Calms all types of inflammation, including rashes, insect bites, and infections. Increases cellular turnover rate, moisturizes and creates vibrant skin.

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Ozonated Healing Treatment Balm for Face & Body. Ozonated oils are extraordinarily effective and powerful tools for healing and balancing the most stubborn skin conditions.


What is Ozone?

Ozone or O3 is Activated Oxygen (O2). Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms that Oxygen contains. The additional atom of oxygen becomes a powerful, highly active element. It destroys pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, fungi, odors, and is a potent detoxifyer. Only pure oxygen is left behind as the byproduct.

When oxygen combines with UV rays from the sun, Ozone is created. Ozone protects the Earth by attaching to pollutants and purifying the air we breathe. It is used to disinfect water, pools, medical environments. It is also used in the treatment a variety of diseases including Cancer and Lyme Disease.** I personally have used Ozone intra-venously, through insufflation, internally, and topically extensively for my own medical treatment.** The additional atom in ozone, makes it unsafe to breathe when in a concentrated form, this is why it needs to be infused into the body directly or into other substances in order to be utilized.

What is Ozonated Oil?

Ozone, which is naturally a part of the atmosphere, can be created by flowing oxygen through an electrically charged tube. Ozone gas dissipates very quickly - one way to capture and preserve it is to bubble it through an oil.

For Elaa's products, the process starts with raw, cold pressed organic olive oil. The oil goes through an extended process where ozone is bubbled through it. The process of fully infusing the oil with ozone takes weeks to months. Once fully ozonated, the oil becomes a very thick gel. It is solid and will not flow like an oil. Specific essential oils are then introduced for their additional therapeutic benefits. No plastics or metals ever touch the oils, as these materials ozone can leech into the oils. The result: A revolutionary product that encourages optimum health. After the rain - activated oxygen miracle balm brings together the activated power of ozonated olive oil with targeted essential oils.


• Useful in treating a wide variety of skin conditions, ozonated olive oil calms all types of inflammation, including rashes, insect bites, and infections. It is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

• Ozonated olive oil cleanses the skin, and assists in the release of toxins from the tissues.

• It also increases cellular turnover rate, making it a fabulous anti-aging treatment.

• Ozonated oil moisturizes and creates vibrant skin.

• It can also be used as a fabulously effective deodorant.

The addition of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antihistamine, and analgesic essential oils create a miraculous healing balm for any skin troubles. Gentle and effective, After the Rain can be applied to the face for calming, healing, moisturizing, regenerating, and balancing of the skin. In addition, it can be applied to challenged areas of body to accelerate the healing process and promote purification and balance. Particularly spectacular for troublesome skin issues such as Eczema, Rosacea, Acne, and other skin conditions, wounds, bites, burns, etc.

Ozone has a characteristic odor that is like the smell after a rain storm, fresh - but unique. You will notice this unique aroma and either fall in love with it or learn to love it because of the amazing health benefits.

Wildcrafted Blue Cypress Essential Oil is a beautiful and powerful oil. It is wildcrafted from trees grown by the Australian Tiwi people. Australian Blue Cypress Essential Oil is steam distilled from the bard and heartwood and is a vibrant cobalt blue color. The color of Blue Cypress Oil is the result of a compound in the wood called guaiazulene, which is rare and potently anti-inflammatory. This precious oil is also antiphlogistic, antiviral, antibacterial and antihistamine. It is highly nourishing and healing for skin. Blue Cypress Essential Oil is used to treat broken capillaries/blood vessels, eczema, cold sore, burns and sunburns, wounds and cuts, stings and bites, rashes, hives, and warts. It also is wonderfully moisturizing to relieve pain of all kinds, such as from wounds, stings, burns, sore muscles, abdominal cramps, arthritis, and shingles. Australian Blue Cypress Oil also acts as an insect repellent for mosquitoes and midges. Aroma therapeutically, it is soothing and relaxing for the nerves without having a sedative effect. Blue Cypress improves circulation and increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, stimulating the pineal gland, pituitary gland, amygdala, and hypothalamus.

Organic Chamomile Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-depressant, digestive, vulnerary, vascoconstrctor, tonic, emmenogogue, nervine, and anti-allergenic. It helps to clear toxins from the skin and clean sebaceous and endocrine glands. It is an effective treatment for acne, eczema, skin irritation, dermatitis, boils, rashes, dry or flaky skin, stings, cuts, and bruises. Organic Chamomile Essential Oil can also be used for allergies, to soothe aches and pains in muscles and joints, to support healthy liver function, to calm and promote restful sleep, to reduce muscle spasms and cramps, and for urinary infections.

Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil is rich in antioxidants, and is known for its ability to nurture and repair damaged skin. It soothes and smoothes as it regenerates skin cells. Containing both vitamin C and vitamin E, carrot seed oil stimulates cellular turnover rate as it promotes upgraded skin health. This oil is notable in its dual-directional moisture balancing, making it a great choice for both dry and oily skin types.

Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil is antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, diuretic, deodorant, haemostatic, styptic, tonic, vermifuge, and vulnerary. This authentic Organic Rose Geranium Essential oil is not a combination of Rose & Geranium, but rather comes from a distillation of the leaves and stalks of the Rose Geranium plant. Rose Geranium has been used for hundreds of years for skin healing and restoration. It is anti-aging, revitalizes cells, clear skin congestion, and helps to balance both oily and dry skin. It is wonderful for skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, burns, wounds, ulcers, and vitiligo. Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil in general helps to balance body systems and acts as a hormone balancer, helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, and also helps eliminate toxins and excess fluids. Rose Geranium Essential Oil also stimulates the adrenal cortex and helps to balance the nervous system.

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Fully Ozonated (Activated Oxygen) Organic Olive Oil, Therapeutic Grade Wildcrafted Blue Cypress Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade Organic Chamomile Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

Smooth over face for calming, healing, moisturizing, regenerating, and balancing of the skin. Apply to any inflammations, rashes, infections, or areas of trauma on face or body. Massage into underarms to use as a deodorant. Gentle and effective.

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