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Billy's Infinity Greens

Infinity Protein Chocolate


Infinity Protein Chocolate is a blend of the most premium superfoods on earth, formulated to optimize the body's production of lean muscle. 17 Grams Plant Protein, 0 Grams Sugar & only 95 calories. Boom.

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Infinity Greens - Infinity Chocolate Protein Powder

Every bottle of Infinity Protein is a precision blend of the purest muscle building protein and medicinal herbs—all vegan and organic—all of which are proven to have significant health enhancing benefits! All functions in the body are supported by the nutritive powers of these superfoods.

Each serving of Infinity Protein powder provides 18 grams of plant protein with only 100 calories. Infinity Protein contains the purest muscle and energy-enhancing superfoods with enzymes!

Infinity Protein, along with all other Infinity Superfoods are soy-free, whey-free, and free of sweeteners. They're comprised solely of genuinely healthy superfoods—that's our promise! Each 580 gram bottle has 25 servings of pure plant protein to provide optimal nourishment and build lean muscle.

• Hemp & Brown Rice Protein Blend Full spectrum of amino acids, far better than whey protein!

• Chocolate Health enhancing antioxidants, minerals and brain supportive flavanols.

• Vanilla a mineral rich whole food making the flavor of Infinity Protein extraordinary.

• Nopal Cactus Sustains energy and speeds recovery.

• Stevia Natural sugar free flavor enhancement.

• Milk Thistle Anti-inflammatory and liver support.

• Arctic Root Enhances stamina and vitality.

• Enzymes Optimizes protein absorption.

15 Grams Plant Protein, 0 Grams Sugar & only 95 calories. Boom.

Genuine Criollo Raw Cacao from the high country of Ecuador

The chocolate in Infinity Protein is from the purest cacao plants on earth that yield an extraordinary amount of health enhancing nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and brain supportive flavanols! There is life-times of data proving that chocolate truly can enhance our overall health, especially when consumed in such a pure state. The controversy over whether chocolate is truly healthy ultimately lies in the quality of the ingredients!

Most chocolate products contain processed sugar! Not Infinity Chocolate Protein! Infinity Protein is unsweetened. The sweetener is up to you! The Infinity preferred choice is a banana - a whole plant food sweetener that's best friends with chocolate! A banana in the blender with Infinity Protein might just be unbeatable! Supremely nutrient rich plant proteins never tasted so good!!

Why Infinity Protein?

Bottom line, Infinity Protein is a blend of the most premium superfoods on earth, formulated to optimize the body's production of lean muscle. 17 years of searching for the purest superfoods whilst honing the Infinity Superfood formulas to near perfection is how I can guarantee the health enhancing nature of Infinity Protein is truly remarkable. And we're learning fast that MORE plant protein and LESS animal protein is what we all need, making Infinity Protein a superb choice! Excellent health is to be yours by nature, and it is my mission to provide you with the finest superfood products to help you manifest it!

The Infinity amber glass bottle is essential for maintaining potency and freshness!

Our amber glass bottle with rubber sealed metal lid and oxygen absorber technology maintains the purity and full potency of Infinity superfoods. No plastic bottles or bags will do this! All plastic containers off-gas toxins and leach oxygen over the course of just months degrading the potential nutrition and purity of superfood contents. Infinity Superfoods Nutrient Lock technology = protected purity for maximum potency!

Please Do Not Refrigerate

Store organic superfoods at room temperature. Cold refrigerated glass will produce condensation inside the bottle, and moisture can compromise potency of ingredients.

  • RAW

Hemp & Brown Rice Protein Blend, Raw Cacao (Chocolate), Vanilla, Nopal Cactus, Stevia, Milk Thistle, Arctic Root, Enzymes.

Mix 3 Tablespoons Infinity Protein in smoothie. Use 1-2 times a day.

The Classic Blend:  1 banana, 3 Tablespoons Infinity Protein, 8oz any milk of choice. (With a vitamix or similar high-power blender you can make the perfect fresh milk by blending 2 tablespoons whole hemps seeds into 8oz water) Life-force never tasted so good!!