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Cosmic Apricot Shimmer


Packed with organic essential oils, nourishing botanicals, and crushed gemstones, this highlighting balm enhances the natural beauty of your lips, checks and brows

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Anoint your lips with the radiant rays of a shimmering apricot-colored sunrise. Living Libations Cosmic Apricot Lip Shimmer glistens in the early morning light, infusing parched pouts with nourishing botanicals, crushed gemstones, and nature's most moisturizing, revitalizing botanical oils. Our blend of beautifying botanicals increases circulation for a natural, rosy hue without synthetic dyes, while our Happy Beeswax locks in moisture to prevent chapping and flaking. Sashay into your day with these Cosmic Apricot shimmering rays!

Packed with organic essential oils, nourishing botanicals, and crushed gemstones, this highlighting balm enhances the natural beauty of your lips, checks and brows. Jojoba and seabuckthorn moisturize and repair while stone root revs circulation. Rose otto boosts elasticity while our Happy Beeswax provides porous protection. Cape chamomile, lavender, carrot, roses over geranium, and mica bring shimmering balance and restorative power to this juicy, gem-infused balm.

The result? A kissable pout in the perfect shade of pale peachy-pink -your natural lip color, amplified.

The science behind the shimmer: more than a mere lip balm, Living Libations Cosmic Apricot Lip Shimmer is created with crystallized mica, nature's natural gemstone light reflectors. This shimmering balms clings to make skin sing, reflecting the all ambient light.

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Jojoba -Step out of dry, cracked lips into the luscious light with nature's most uplifting emollient. Pure jojoba infuses your lips with all soluble forms of Vitamin E. This naturally-occurring compound is a tantalizing twin flame, so similar to the skin's sebum it can't help but melt into quenched lips.

Happy Beeswax -The honeybee delights in protecting his Queen Bee, just as our Happy Beeswax delights in protecting your pout. This natural, petroleum-free ingredient forms a porous layer on the lips, sealing in moisture while allowing toxins to be released. Let you lips breathe as you face the morning sun, a Queen Bee guarded by nature's waxen, wondrous shield.

Seabuckthorn Berry -Sumptuous seabuckthorn penetrates deep into the lip tissue, providing moisture at the lipid level. Packed with Omegas, antioxidants, and bioactive compounds, seabuckthorn is used to regenerate skin cells, reduce inflammation, protect against moisture loss and shield delicate lip tissue from overexposure to the sun.

Rose Otto -Ravishing rose otto is a most elegant addition to our Cosmic Apricot Lip Shimmer, playfully batting her petal-lashes in the morning sun. Rose otto is used to improve skin's elasticity, increase resiliency, and rejuvenate the delicate connective tissues in and around the lips.

Cape Chamomile -The perfect pout is one that maintains its moisture, regardless of the weather, climate, or external irritants. Enter Cape chamomile, the great equalizer of all skin imbalances! This soothing, cool-blue compound rich is azulene is used to calm all types of inflamed, irritated skin -from chapped lips to swollen adrenals. Cape chamomile is also said to promote skin cell rejuvenation.

Stone Root -Stone root, also known as "Heal All," is a nourishing herb commonly used to treat cuts, bruises, and to increase circulation throughout the body. Stone root brings out your naturally pink pout by increasing blood flow to the lips, freeing you to enlighten your smile without toxic dyes.

Lavender -Lavender oil calms and uplifts with its refreshing fragrance and soothing healing powers. A common treatment for burns, including sunburned lips, lavender lends our Cosmic Apricot Lip Shimmer its inspiring sense of hope and release. Anoint your lips and let lavender lead the way toward cosmic rays of sunshine!

Roses over Geranium -This co-distillation is a potent skin tonic used to treat everything from acne and oily skin to broken blood vessels and spider veins. In lip care, roses over geranium is used to ignite the circulatory system, increasing blood flow to give skin and lips a gorgeous, dewy glow!

Carrot Seed -Captivating carrot brings balance to skin, delivering intuitive nourishment to tissue that has become too dry or too oily. Wounds, burns, abrasions, sunburns, and chapped lips will all benefit from the grounding, healing essence of pure, steam-distilled organic carrot oil. Mica Minerals* -Glittering gemstones morph your mouth into a gleaming reflector of Mother Nature's cosmic rays. Rich in nourishing minerals, mica gives our Cosmic Apricot Lip Shimmer its glistening, sparkling essence. The crystallized minerals capture indoor and outdoor light, infusing your pout with pure, ethereal luminescence. *Mica is not certified organic.

Enhances the natural beauty of your lips, cheeks and brow bones. Apply with tube or fingers and blend naturally into skin.