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Living Libations

Fire Lily Petal Perfume


Neroli blossoms bloom with sweet vanilla, bergamot, mandarin & chamomile into this sun-drenched petal-perfume.

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Living Libations Fire Lily Petal Perfume blends Neroli blossoms, bergamot, vanilla and cape chamomile swirl beneath an expansive summer sky. Mandarin petitgrain completes the bouquet, its rich tang refreshing the fire-blazed day.

"A new fragrance by Nadine Artemis, FireLily, is one that evokes wide open space, a fresh clean scent that ushers in the season of Spring, and yet like a royal garment richly stitched in fine threads; from the French renaissance period this is the joining of two elements, earth and fire. Pocahontas meets Anais Nin. Nadine Artemis truly is the modern day Coco Chanel, a perfumer extraordinaire." ~ Lindsay Willcocks

Scent Essence

If music be the food of love, play on. If Fire Lily burst into song, let each fragrant note be long, for this perfume blooms in symphonic extravagance.

Neroli blossoms surround you in an energetic embrace that, together with sweet vanilla and inspiring bergamot, lifts you higher, so high, til you are one with the sky! Inspired by elegance and freed of all fear, you will sing the song Fire Lily wants you to hear.

Light and free, alive in glee, Fire Lily ignites your inner heroine. Be bold and brave as you ascend an olfactory trapeze, swinging with an international cast of fragrant stars: Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot, Corsican mandarin petitgrain, Cape chamomile from the Horn of Plenty, and vanilla from the straights of Madagascar.

Fresh, pure, and mysteriously serene, each blossom crescendos in perfect scent-scheme. Just when you think you couldn't possibly fly higher, neroli deepens her Mediterranean melody. Vanilla honey-florals linger on while fresh bergamot echoes the eternal song.

Fire Lily clings to your skin like a mischievous fairy, spinning you into a fragrant free-fall. After all that flying, you have earned a rest in a petal-bed of soft summer sunlight.


Grape Alcohol - Our bio-dynamically grown, organic, 190 proof neutral grape alcohol is filtered in three stages to assure the highest level of purity. Furthermore, it is tested by an independent lab to insure that this organic spirit is pharmaceutical grade and meets United States Pharmacopeia standards.

Neroli Blossoms -Sensual, sunny orange blossoms awaken the senses, bringing peace, clarity, and improved focus. Neroli dissolves resistance and irritation while unifying body, mind and soul. This rich citrus aromatic is also a natural sedative and antidepressant that opens the heart to joy.

Vanilla Bean-Soothing vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac that inspires feelings of warmth, tenderness and nostalgia. Inviting and invigorating, vanilla dissolves stress and anxiety while replenishing the body and spirit with a sense of deep sensuality.

Cape Chamomile Flowers-Cape chamomile stimulates the entire nervous system, restoring every part of the self to its natural state of vitality and joy. Fragrant and floral, Cape chamomile lifts depression, elevates the mind, and sanctifies the senses.

Mandarin Petitgrain -Rich, tangy and deeply intense, mandarin petitgrain contains soothing esters that alleviate anxiety and inspire courage. This incredible aromatic paints FireLily's landscape in woodsy, comforting notes of reassurance.

Bergamot -Bergamot is Mother Nature's emotional diuretic. It moves stagnant energy that can lead to blockages and irritation, helping you relax, let go, and let things flow. Bergamot is also a fantastic antidepressant that encourages mental clarity and the ability to find serenity under pressure.

Mist on skin, clothing or hair for an enchanting & lasting scent.