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Living Libations

Roses Shining Everywhere Petal Perfume


A lavish, full bloom perfume. Bulgarian roses, Egyptian roses, Moroccan roses, and Indian rose attar with the warm honeyed-aroma of a vanilla bean slipper.

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Living Libations Roses Shining Everywhere is a revelry of roses layered petal upon petal creating a truly lavish, full bloom perfume. Rose blossoms from the Bulgarian Valley of Roses, Egyptian roses, Moroccan roses, and Indian rose attar coalesce into a ruby-rose vesper that slides out on the warm honeyed-aroma of a vanilla bean slipper, ensorcelling the wearer in an aromatic-aura of benevolent beauty. Coronate with this rare rose elixir and be the Queen of Flowers. This is a perfume for the heart, regal in both nature and stature.

"What was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my chest." - Rumi

Living Libations Roses Shining Everywhere is a perfume of resplendent luxury uniting five sumptuous rose distillations in a silken cocktail of fragrant beauty. This petal perfume is a concentrated fantasia of dancing, darling blooms that leaves an exceptional fragrance trail announcing the presence of the woman who wears it. La vie en rose!


Juliet asks Romeo, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." The rose just laughs and suggests in a whisper, "I was created for the simple beauty of woman."

How does it smell? It smells like the entire Valley of Roses shining in May's sunshine. It captures the luscious scent of a bouquet of hand cut blooms: light hearted, ethereal, delicate, feminine, soft, and colorful. In one single drop of rose oil there is the essence of sixty rose heads, and Roses Shining Everywhere embellishes each and every one. This regal-heart potion, a purely feminine notion, surrounds the skin in dewy decadence.


Rose, Rosa damascena, or Damask Rose, is made with hand-picked organic blossoms from the Valley of Roses. This rose offers a fragrance that is deeply rich, honeyed-rosaceous, and full-bodied like a field of blooming buds.

Rose de Mai, Rosa centifolia, is a delicate pink rose heralding the aroma of honeycomb nestled inside heady, green earth.

Rosa Edward, Rosa bourbonia, adds an aphrodisiac ambery-roseaceous heart note.

Rose Otto, Rosa damascena, is heralded as a Herculean healing tonic and sublime salve for the soul. This steam distilled delight is a complete treasure chest of botanical compounds.

Rose Attar, Rosa damascene, co-hydro-distilled with sandalwood, Santalum album, is produced by distilling fresh roses in copper vessels into sandalwood for two weeks. The pale, yellow liquid embodies an uplifting, radiant, refined honeyed-roseaceous odor with an elegant, balsamic undertone.

Vanilla, Vanilla planifolia, is an infamous aphrodisiac that wraps each dewy rose-drop in a sweet embrace of honeyed warmth. Vanilla reduces stress, sedates the anxious mind, and balances the floral notes of this fragrant blend.

Grape Alcohol - Our bio-dynamically grown, organic, 190 proof neutral grape alcohol is filtered in three stages to assure the highest level of purity. Furthermore, it is tested by an independent lab to insure that this organic spirit is pharmaceutical grade and meets United States Pharmacopeia standards.

Mist on skin for a lavish, full bloom scent.