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Living Libations

Sonic Shine Mini Toothbrush


Living Libations Wintergreen Clean Floss smooth & shred-free, is infused with detoxing charcoal, and icy-sweet organic essential oils of wintergreen and spearmint for ultra-fresh breath and a mouth. Suitable for all teeth and gums — Living Libations floss is perfect for gliding between teeth and suitable for braces.

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Living Libations Sonic Shine Mini Toothbrush – A mini yet mighty option for optimal oral care!

Living Libations Mini sonic toothbrush boldly reaches the backs of molars, comfortably cleanses plaque off the gum line, and proficiently polishes mouths of all sizes. The 45-degree angled neck brush and 28,000 sonic pulses per minute solve traditional toothbrushes’ issues of limited action, reach, and size.

Ergonomic and lightweight, this waterproof Mini is perfect for kids and to tote with you on your travels.

The Sonic Shine Mini’s 45-degree angled brush head with soft, wavy bristles contour the teeth for a deep, easy clean. Both of the brushing modes— normal and soft— are gentle on kids’ gums and teeth. The shorter, five-inch handle makes it easy to maneuver around the mouth and tuck into a tote for travel. AAA battery included. Dental professionals recommend replacing brush heads every three months for optimal results.


Nylon, Bamboo Charcoal, Candelilla wax, Wintergreen Essential Oil, and Spearmint Essential Oil.

Wintergreen Clean Floss can be used every day. After brushing, apply one drop of your favorite oral serum along approximately 18 inches (45 cm) of floss, wrap the floss around fingers, and pull it tight. Slide floss between teeth, curve it around a tooth, and clean between the tooth and gums with gentle up and down motion. Repeat between each tooth, using a clean section of the floss.