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Vetiver Vibe Incense Sticks

Living Libations

Vetiver Vibe Incense Sticks


Fill your home with the nostalgic, sensual scent of pure, organic cinnamon. Our Scared Cinnamon Incense Sticks are crafted with all-natural coconut shell and bamboo sticks, infusing the air with the purest essence and powder of sumptuous cinnamon.

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Living Libations Vetiver Vibe Incense fills your home, studio or event with the rich, herbaceous wonders of pure, organic vetiver.

A robust, heavy-scented essence captured from crushed wild grass roots, vetiver is traditionally used to ceremoniously to clear and ground the spirit.

Choose Vetiver Vibe Incense for calming meditation, soothing scent profiles, or to infuse any space with grounded, purified energy.

Where modern incense is packed with synthetic fillers that emit harmful carcinogens, our organic Vetiver Vibe Incense sticks deliver pure perfumed pleasures the way Mother Nature intended: as an herbaceous, aromatic experience with wafts of scented smoke enchanting your environment.

Each purified pack includes 12 sticks of Vetiver Vibe Incense and handcrafted ash wood incense holder.


Ground vetiver (Vetivera Zizanodes) -The essence of vetiver is incredibly soothing and grounding. In aromatherapy, vetiver is often used to treat nervous tension, anxiety, depression, and sluggish circulatory systems. The rich, herbaceous, heavy scent is said to ground the anxious mind, relax the body, and facilitate deep healing on both a physical and spiritual level.

Coconut Shell + Bamboo stick - The thick, fibrous husk of the coconut fruit joins forces with bashful bamboo to create a natural, non-synthetic home for scented cinnamon. Both organic ingredients offer longer burning life and fantastic, fresh scents that dance with cinnamon to enhance the sensuality of your space.

Burning Instructions:

Step one: Hold the uncoated end of the Vetiver Vibe incense stick in your hand. Use a match or lighter to light the opposite end of the incense stick.

Step two: Gently blow or fan the flame until it is extinguished. You should see a red, glowing tip at the end of your Vetiver Vibe incense stick, as well as a wafting spiral of delectable vetiver-scented smoke twirling toward the ceiling or sky.

Step three: Place the unlit end of the incense in your favorite incense burner. Inhale deeply to clear the lungs, calm the mind, and ground the spirit.