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Living Libations

White Sage Essential Oil


Harnesses the natural antibacterial properties of ancient medicine. Promotes vitality, creativity and fights infections. Calms anxiousness & tempers emotions.

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Living Libations White Sage Essential Oil is wild-crafted from the leaves of the Sacred Sage shrub, a plant sacred to Native Americans. This earthy, fragrant oil contains potent antibacterial properties known to invigorate the skin, soothe upset stomachs, and ease the itch of insect bites. According to a 1991 study conducted by the University of Arizona, White Sage Oil may have powerful effects against bacterial infections. Indulge the sense as you revitalize the body with this ancient remedy.


Botanical Name: Salvia Apiana

Extraction Method: Steam

Part of Plant Distilled: Leaves

Country of Origin: Canada

Cultivation Method: Wild

Scent Description: sharp and earthy, the aroma of white sage conjures images of the wild desert in which it grows

In Libations Products: Scared Sage Smudge

Blends Well With: vetiver, frankincense, marjoram, cedar, Greenland moss, immortelle, bergamot, fir, pine, spruce, peppermint, oregano and lavender

Uses: astringent, purifier, cleanser, grooming, antibacterial, expectorant, mucolytic,

Our White Sage Essential Oil harnesses the natural antibacterial properties of ancient Native American medicinal secrets. Also known as bee sage or sacred sage, White Sage Oil was used by tribes in the Southwestern United States to purify the spirit during ritual ceremonies. These tribes also used to eat the seeds of the White Sage shrub in order to promote vitality and fight off infections. Many people today still enjoy inhaling the scent of burning sage, which is said to promote creativity and meditation.

The gorgeous silver-white leaves of the White Sage shrub are a fragrant favorite of honeybees, who are attracted to the naturally protective powers contained in them. White Sage Oil may alleviate stress and tension, calm anxious thoughts and fears, inspire easy decision-making, and temper emotional reactions, allowing rationality to emerge.

An effective expectorant, our White Sage Essential Oil stimulates and energizes the body. White Sage supports creative energy, allowing you to not just imagine endless possibilities, but to actually see them through! To conjure the power of the spirit of nature within yourself, explore the mighty muse of Living Libations White Sage Essential Oil.


Pure wildcrafted white sage essential oil.

White sage has traditionally been used to purify and cleanse body and mind, soothe mouth sores, burns, and insect bites, tone and soften the skin, straighten and cleanse the hair, and used as a dye for graying hair.