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Living Libations

Zest the Best


Pure, undiluted essences traditionally known for their strong anti-microbial & liver regenerative power, effectively cleanse intestinal tract of pathogenic bacteria.

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Living Libations Zest the Best is a kaleidoscope-culinary formula created as an aperitif for the best breath ever. A savory synergy of herbaceous essences traditionally used to gently stimulate so you may savor what’s on your plate. Enjoy a drop in tea or olive oil before or after meals. Experience a whole garden in each drop as Zest the Best can freshen breath before or after meals, added to savory soups and salad dressings, inhaled to get the juices flowing, and massaged onto the solar plexus. Get your juices flowing, your taste buds tingling, and consecrate your meals with delightful drops of this herbaceous garden in a bottle.


essences of cardamom, tarragon, cinnamon, oregano, mastic, lemon, savoury, carrot-seed, ginger, turmeric, coriander, schizandra & rosemary-verbenone

Whole garden in a drop: before, or after meals; salad dressings; inhalation gets the juices flowing; massage into solar plexus.